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Do you have a crush on Pokémon characters ?

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Do you have a crush on Pokémon characters ?

There are many reason why everyone love pokemon, but I compile it in 3 main reason

1. You are a fan of a pokémon (You love pokémon action or love between trainer and pokémon)

2. You are a fan of it's character (like....Ash is so cool and etc)

3. You have a crush on one of its character

This thread talk about the 3rd reason. Do you have a crush on one of them?
I have with Leaf, May, Dawn, Crystal/Lyra, and Yellow.

So, feel free to add your own
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When I was really little I had a crush on Ash. Then when I got a bit older I had a crush on Gary =P I also find N incredibly hot. That's about it. Although I also found Ethan attractive... Which is why I played as him lol.

But seriously. My love for Gary burned. Every time my rival showed up in Red/Blue, everyone else was like **** no. But I was always like YES YES YESSSS


I have a huge crush on may D: i just hope the girl that i like never finds out ;)

Ahh, I remember that time when I was so in love with her. She is Over Cute


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I have a crush on Plat Berlitz in PokeSpe, but I hope no-one will compromise me :D

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I had a crush on Wes from Pokemon Colosseum when I was little. To me, he was dark, handsome, and quiet-the perfect bad boy. XD


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There was a character in the Johto series ( I think) named Tomaku or something like that. When I was 10 I had the BIGGEST crush on her.


F*cking veteran
I had a crush on Melody from the Power of One when I was around 8 or 9. Can't believe I had such terrible taste. I mean seriously, I kept watching the movie because of her and would dream of her at night,

My crush is now Homika <3


Steel-Clad Wonder
This whole topic seems kinda creepy, but I liked Melody from the Power of One when I was younger.
Or Grimsley. I really, really like Grimsley
Short answer: Nope.

Real answer: When I was much younger during the very early times of the Anime. I guess I had somewhat of a crush on Misty. But lets be honest here guys, who didn't?
In a nutshell for me I didn't have a crush on them. I mean honestly, they're data and a bunch of pixels.

But if you really must know....It's Skyla :D


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At the beginning of DP, I had a crush on Paul which ended quickly. I don't have any crushes on cartoon characters.




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Flannery (hooooooooooooooooooooot)
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