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Do you have a serebii Crush??

Do you have a serebii crush?

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Blue Snover

Cold as ice
In a word no.

Why would i have a crush on someone i've never met?


Samuri Poster
Nobody joins sppf to post in misc, and just the way you act generally.

I've been familiar with serebii for a few years through a mutual friend (someone who posts here regularly - yet despises misc.). I find the pokemon discussions to be a bit too... specific for a casual fan like myself.

I'm having a lovely time with people here in misc. I'm very real, honey. And I'm not going anywhere. ;128;;128;


Praise the Sun!
Lucky me having no crushees.

*Sits back with popcorn* >=)


Praise the Sun!


AshXSerena = Canon
Oh, and (P.O.K.E.M.O.N.), please tell me you're lying about your age. You're acting like a bloody twelve-year-old girl in this thread and everywhere else.

nope, i am just immature :p

It was good before (POKEMON) started constantly posting crappy things.

ohh look it's you, serebii's biggest a hole! and you know what i find funny? i was talking to other people and not you, yet you decide to make your post about me! hmmmm.

Kind of like how you decided to post in the anime spoiler section even though i said let's move on, and sushi told me to also, and you decide to keep going!!!!! You talk big for a noobie who hasn't even been on these forums for a year.
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