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Do you have any regrets on D/P?

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There was a time that I played for a few hours, didn't save, and shut my DS off. I was pretty sad, but life went on. Other than that, nothing else has happened. =\


From Zero To Hero
~Not SRing for a better natured Palkia, and trading it away.
~My friend accidentily saved with Shaymins that had bad IV's, but ok natures. (Calm + Timid)


Incorrigible slacker
Mine would be not remembering the new special/physical split when I got my team together. Their moves could have been much better.


Come at me bro
You could have ran from then, then when you would have came back into their cave they would stillb e here, and their data in your Dex.

I've tried that and it works.

Not doing THIS with Uxie. The only Sinnoh non-event legend I have yet to capture.

Not SR'ing for a shiny anything. I'm too lazy >.>

However, I have no Master Ball-related regrets...for I have the Emerald Cloning thingy! BWAHAHAHAHAHA


Little Big Dreamer
I regret not learning about the Toys R' Us events sooner!
I totally and completely missed the Manaphy giveaway and I'm totally sad about that!
The "Pokemon Ranger & the Temple of the Sea" was my favorite of all the Pokemon movies so far! Manaphy was sooo adorable! >w<!!

... I also regret putting down Wiis. :/
My friends would always try to rub it in my face that they got a Wii, but I never cared.
I didn't even care when Battle Revolution came out. Do y'know why??
'Cause I didn't know it came out. D:
Now I'm sad about never getting a Wii to play it. ;-;


Active Member
I accidentally killed a shiny Buizel once. I was ticked off the rest of the day.


Well-Known Member
I regret not charging my DS and it turning off in the middle of battling Palkia

then killing Giratina and going onto GTS to find another one..forgot that after you save you can't go back and try to capture him again


Well-Known Member
This User Regrets...

1) Not knowing what 'EV' means.

2) For not EV training at all.

3) Knowing the only shiny she'll ever see is in her friend's game and on the Wii.

4) For not naming her rival after a character she dispites and not one she likes.

5) For transfer her Blastories to Diamond before beating Leafgreen

6) Making god-knows how many eggs to give to her friend when she has my Emerald.

7) For having all the Lengs. Via Friend's DS + AR, and giving away most likely good pokes that I was never going to train, same for the Lengs.

8) Miss spelling names on poke I know I can't change.

9) Typing this list.

Pkmn Breeder Jack

Static owns you.
I spelled my name JACK and my rival's name WIL. I forgot the second L on my rival's name, and both should have been lowercase. I don't know why I did caps.


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I don't regret much, except for not training my Torterra decently. I will never restart my Diamond as I got it the day it was released.

I regret not spending more time doing side quests and contests and I regret not getting many Legends in my Pearl version and knocking out a shiny Elekid. So angry about that....


Rainbow Ruler. Funny
I regret training my Skarmory absoutely craply. It had the moves Air Slash, Slash, Steel Wing and Fly at lvl 57. I haven't touched it since I played my Friend on PBR and found it to be useless.


...BRING IT!!!
Although this wasn't me my friend killed a Shiny Gible. My regret was accdiently cheating in the Safari and now it doesn't work.


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My latest regret is not having any pokeballs on me while walking around. I saw a shiny machop while training up for the first gym. =(...And then while trainging for the second gym my friend sees and catches a shiny meditite...

Dragon Rules

No longer trading.
I regret that I didn't EV train most of my Pokemon......


Your Big Buff Bro
I regret that I don't use all my 493 Pokemon I have in my storage. Once I used every way, even cheating, to find the way to collect all the Pokemon, I hardly use a lot of them for battle. Or even try to train them.

Also, I regret transfering most of my good Pokemon from my Pokemon Emerald, even my 2003 Blaziken to my Pokemon Diamond. Every single good Pokemon of mine from Emerald are now in my Diamond cartridge. Since I never got to beat any of the battle frontier brains.
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