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Do you have any regrets on D/P?

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I regret using Action Replay on my Diamond. Well, it got my 7th win over
the Pokemon League, so I don't regret it too much. Also I used to regret
giving my pokemon legendaries to PBR until I realized they were still there.[BANNER]If you like Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir or Gallade, join the RKGG Group!!![/BANNER]

Maylu Sakurai

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I regret not training my Pachirisu so I am going to train it and have it ready for Wake and show him the power of electricity


Nat. Dex COMPLETE!!!
This isn't something I could control, but I highly regret choosing Chimchar over Ponyta due to the regrettable lack of Fire types in D/P. I hated my starter and eventually gave up on Diamond due to frustration.


Better Than Thou
Teaching my Abomasnow Avalanche.

Then Ice Beam.

Then Giga Drain.



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After a lot of consideration, I put my porygon2 named Cybero up for trade to try to evolve it (I'd had some gravelers evolve when I took them out of trade, so I figured it might work for Porygon2 to get it to Porygon-z) Well, it was about lvl 50, I asked for a lvl 90+ porygon-z, and someone traded me a hacked porygon-z caught at lvl 99. Worse, the original porygon2 I had didn't actually belong to me! (it was my sisters I pulled off of her leaf green game before she got pearl. I was going to evolve it for her). Lesson learned: Don't trust GTS.

It would have been fine if it wasn't a hack, I coulda given her a legit lvl 99 porygon-z...


not the color

Choosing Chimchar, and not Turtwig.
Evolving said Chimchar to Infernape.

But I've gotten past that. : )


True Love Never Dies
finishing my game in two weeks and not having anything to do rather than train, battle frontier, and hunt shiny's
Biggest regrets from Diamond:

1. Wasting 196 hours on it, a good 88 of them spent on a bus.
2. Starting with Piplup. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's fun to use, it's just SLOW.
3. Completely evolving said Piplup and getting it up to Level 96 without thinking about EV training.
4. KOing Azelf. I like it as a sweeper in Platinum, especially with Nasty Plot.
5. Wasting my Master Ball on Dialga. I got lazy, then KOed Giratina.

Platinum Regrets:
1. Yet again, not EV training my starter, this time Chimchar.
2. Wasting my Master Ball...on a Gabite. I really wanted Garchomp, and the other balls failed. :(


Dragonite Fan
My biggest regret was not ev training until now. I could've had it done a long time ago had I known.


Not training my Torterra enough before the 8th gym battle. what make my very angry after I lost there.
Ugh, I have so many...

In Platinum, I taught TM rock slide to a Modest Claydol on accident. >.> Then, I found out my little brother had taught Flash Cannon and Grass Knot to my very crappy Empoleon.
In Diamond, I chose Chimchar. Then lost to Candice when he was an Infernape at Lv. 44. And then went to trade him for a piplup and then got a lv. 100 piplup with only the move Growl. And I don't have the patience to dig up any more Heart Scales.

So 2 lessons learned. A: GTS sucks. B: Protect your DS with your life- now I just lost my Timid-natured shiny Treecko. -_-
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