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Do you have any regrets on D/P?

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-Using a Masterball on a mespirit
-Killed Azelf In an accident when i started playing platinum
- Didn't knowing that i have an adamant giratina in platinum... but i accidentally restarted

And i don't remember alot of stuff...


Shockingly electric!
-killing dialga the first time round, killing uxie and azelf and killing heatran
-getting my shiny gallade to level 100 without ev training it
-using most of my rare candies on team members early on in the game

...and there's probably some more.

7 tyranitars

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deleting my last platinum game.. whit lv 80 tyranitar, lv75 roserade, lv 83 empoleon, lv 81 houndoom, 82 dragonite
it may not sound like much but it's hard for me to keep patience while training so I easely give up :(

also using my masterball on giratina
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