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Do you have many shinys? be honest!

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A Friendly Rocket
I still haven't found anymore...
My shiny Geodude doesn't like me so I'm gonna make it some its fave Poffins later.


Sleept too long...
I currently have 6 shinys, 8 if you count the two PC Pichu that I have.


Smart Cookie
I have 36! All self-caught, too. Chaining, in case you don't believe me. I feel rather proud. The fact that I got them all myself is even better, as I know that they aren't hacked and more personal too, as I chose their names. ^-^


Active Member
I just got my firts random encounter on the game that I'm courrentyl playing (golbat) and also received a legit Drifblim over the GTS :D

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Rayquaza's Landlord
I had some relative luck on my old Diamond (trainer name Flynn) before the save got corrupted. Managed to catch about five or so (no hacking/RNG chaining required), but none of them had great battle potential (a Quiet Gastly with SpAtk and Spd IV's in the low teens, for example). I know I bartered a few of them for niche Pokémon in my teambuilding scheme. I remember some dude on the GTS rather quickly responded to my shiny offer asking for a Lv100 Pachirisu. (Leftovers and TM26's GALORE!!!)

My current Platinum campaign has no such luck, at the moment. We shall see...


Bulbasaur line ftw
i have about 8 now :D most random encounters and 7 from platinum


Unemployed Red Mage
What constitutes as a lot?
I had four I found randomly (drowzee, oddish, zubat, and geodude) but lost the first two in a stupid reset, 3 I got in trades (cleffa, and 2 others...) a few I got from breeding (eevees and magikarp) but about 12 I got using a shiny code :p
Soooo, around 8 or 9 legit and 12 or so with a code. Alot? Maybe.


Magic School Dropout
Let's see... the Riolu egg I got on Pearl hatched shiny, and I've captured a shiny Kriketune and Shuppet.

Then from the GTS, I've got two shiny Lugia, three shiny Jigglypuff, a shiny Deoxys, Ho-Oh, Charizard, Gyarados, Rayquaza, Pachirisu, Floatzel, Pikachu, Mew, Darkrai, Dialga, Palkia, Regigigas, Seviper, Beedrill, Pichu, and Cresselia. A handful of them are most likely hacked, but most of them look legit.

From friends and people I've traded with on Serebii, there's also a Pidgeot, Shinx, Magneton, and Gastrodon.

Plus, the event Pichu.

That's my shiny list.


I. F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.
I have 2 a shiny tentacrule and a shiny Pelipper both found in the wild.


Slowpoke and Wingull are the only two I've found in the wild by chance. I've tried to chain, but I suck at it. ;-;

Forgot about the two Pichus from Gamestop. Counting those, four.
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Battle Tower Victim
The only one I ever found randomly was Golbat. I got a Golduck and Jolteon through trades, and two event Pichus.


Well-Known Member
I've got 10 shinies. All self-caught, and none are chained.

Well actually I have 11 if you include PCP.


Well-Known Member
Excluding the red Gyarados in Pokemon Crystal I have five:

Politoed (caught as Poliwhirl which I didn't immediately recognise as a shiny)
Machamp (caught as Machamp)

Not many by some people's standards but it considering that I never found any shinies until Pearl it seems enough to me. All were caught in the wild as I've never had either the luck in, or patience to go, chaining for shinies.


Queen of Charizards!
well im aiming into getting more shinies but right now i have....

Gorabyss (newest)
Mr. Mime


Dark/Fire Trainer
I have 2 Shinys one Snover and one Sneasle in Pokemon Pearl


The Grinning One
I dun have no shineez... =<

Although, when I first bought Platinum and started playing it, I had this thing where I just HAD to EV-train my starter outside Sandgem by fighting Starlys for speed?

Well...one Starly=1 Speed EV...I had to beat a LOT of 'em. xD I'd always find one shiny Starly and I trained one in my first game. After that it got kinda 'meh'.
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