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Do you have many shinys? be honest!

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I have 3 boxes in Pearl full of shinies
I have the red Gyarados in Heartgold
Also a Shiny Cyndaquil in Soulsilver
Aswell as a shiny Rayquaza in Ruby
I also have a Event Pichu that I need to recieve on Diamond (I already have one on Pearl)

So all up I have about 94, most of these shinies were gotten through chaining
My Cyndaquil, Swampert and Rayquaza were normal 1/8192 shinies that I got through SRing My Voltorb however was a random encounter.

So I would say I have a fair few shinies.
Since my last post i have obtained shinies of the following pokemon:

Machop - trade from fiance
Cubone - x2 Chain, gave one to my fiance
Zigzagoon - x2 Chain, gave one to my fiance
Doduo - Chain
Clefairy - GTS for a Totodile
Spoink - Trade from Fiance he chained it along with 2 others.
Ariados - x2 Chain, I am proud of this one i have tried for nearly a year to chain this thing. Gave one to my fiance.
Eevee - x13 from a chain Traded 6 to my finace and evolved the other 7 so i have the full set of Eevee and it's evolutions (i already had the Umbreon)

So that's quite successful... shame the luck can't be passed onto my Soul silver where i am currently trying to find a shiny Lugia via SR. This will take a while.


I'm with Jew -->
I have four from various means:
linoone (evolved from the RS event zigzagoon that fixed the berry glitch)
magnezone (evolved from a random encounter magnemite in sapphire)
quagsire (traded for it with my friend's diamond)
nidoran(male) (I got this technically from pokeradar, but I had a chain of 3, so I count it as a random encounter)

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
I have got a few let's see:

I used to have a wingull but it was scammed from me. There are more but I can't remember. Golbat is the only one I caught myself (Unless you include Gyarados from the Lake of Rage)


Egg Count: 326
My shiny story is not a happy one. I have seen only 5, and they have all appeared in 3rd Gen :(
I have played every version since Gold and Silver, for approximately 2100 hours. And the games have shown me 5.
I have caught 3 of these, but the only one in my possession is Caterpie. My Sapphire cart went missing, which contained my first 2.
I saw Mawile in Ruby (Sleep and red health. I slipped and pressed Flamethrower).
Geodude was before Caterpie in LGreen. I again slipped due to nerves, and pressed Run.
My longest chain is 28. I have SRd for Moltres, got to 500, and temporarily abandoned the hunt. This is why I dont Shiny hunt.
I am yet to see a Shiny in the 4th Gen. I dont count my Red Gyarados or Pikachu-Coloured Pichu.
I am keeping my Yellow Caterpie. Its awesome!


Rev up those fryers
Aside from things like the Red Gyarados and Pikachu Colored Pichu, I only have one: Caterpie. Got it recently. I wasn't even shiny hunting or anything, it was just a random encounter. :D


Well-Known Member
A golden Geodude from a random encounter
Red Gyarados
A Shiny Gallade I spent forever chaining to get which made never want to chain ever again


Ooo, Kinky!
OMFG! I now have 2! I got a shiny eevee by breeding an eevee with a ditto now it's a shiny Espeon & about 10mins ago just got shiny Phione in an egg... I traded a Totodile for a Manaphy which I then breed to get Phione which was shiny, I think I need to change my pants :O


A Friendly Rocket
I have 2:
LOR Gyarados in HG on first try with Pokeball, easy!
LV24 Geodude in Platinum, random on Route 214, caught with Pokeball on first attempt.

Still searching for ANYTHING (now...)


I only got 2 shinies, 1 gyarados and 1 roserade. The gyarados I got from random fishing and fished up a gold magikarp. The roserade was also random. I was trying to find a pokemon just to let it learn cut and I came across the shiny budew as the first pokemon that popped up. :X


From Zero To Hero
I have 9 random shiny encounters since RSE.

Wurmple (E)
Starly (P)
Hariyama (R)
Steelix (Plat)
Quagsire (Plat)
Gyarados (Plat)
Geodude (Plat)
Rattata (FR)
Onix (SS)


Grass Trainer
I only have pcp, lol. I used to have a shiny sudowoodo that i traded for an ekans and a sun stone. I guess I just don't care that much for shinies, I am more concerned with natures and abilities.

Fell O

Shiny Collector
I have about 50 shinies and most of them were obtained by chaining :)


Why Is The Rum Gone?
I have a grand total of 0.
I do have the Red gyarados, and the PCPichu, but other than that, I have none.
never gone shiny hunting, But I've never encountered a random shiny :(


I've got 2 on my current SS file, although i had heaps on my emerald rom, so it dosen't really count.
My two are nidoran female and i just got a sunkern...
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