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Do you know people who like Pokemon, or are you the only one in your area?


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Yeah, I've know a few people in my school who play Pokemon. In fact, 3 of my friends are on SPPf, but they don't log on anymore, mainly due to a forgotten password or something.

Lightning Dragon

Yesness. Although, it's from the high school, I don't know many from the middle school that do

And about .. 5 of my friends are on here, although they don't come on a lot because they're busy.


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Moving on to gymnasium this Autumn. It will be a complete re-start with probably completely new people. I've chosen Nature Science as my line and the "hey, I like studying" feeling mixed with the top tier grade demand it's almost certain that none of my current classmates will be there, sadly. Atleast I will most definately see some, my friend chose the humanistic line (languages n' stuff).

Anyway, I wonder if I'll meet any Pokefans there... It's one of the more "nerdy" choices


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There's one kid...but he sacres me.
He likes to poke roadkill e3e

I think that's one of the main reasons many people bully pokemon fans. The most dominant pokefans, or atleast the stereotype, are either weird, creepy, introverts, way too nerdy, socially awkward, have a mental disorder like ADD, suicidal, dirty (as in not showering often) or does not care about their looks in term of clothing for example.


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At school and in my hometown I do! I met a bunch of people interested in Pokémon through league and Pokémon TCG tournaments (it's quite popular around here). Most of the people in my dorm like Pokémon and play the new games whenever they come out and compete with each other. It's a lot of fun to be a fan now - more fun than it was when I was younger, because fewer people liked it in my area.


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Never really met anybody within my age group that likes Pokemon... :(


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I'm not the only one, I know a few others who likes Pokemon. But they are not as interested in it as I am. I also have a close friend who is a huge fan, but we do unfortunately not live in the same area anymore.


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I did have a few friends from college who played pokemon and liked the anime like me but that was a few years ago now and I kinda lost touch with them so I don't know whether they still like pokemon or not.


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A lot of boys at my church are.. mostly because they played in the childhood but not that much
My best friend is a big fan as well, but not as much as me. Doesn't even know sppf... *shakes head* Come to think of it, most of the people i have know for a long time that are in my age group, play or have played pokemon...

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I know a few but they are not into it as much as me as they play more ''mature'' games. They are probably not on Serebii or any other Forums. They don't know much about competitive battling and do not know about Smogon and how large competitive battling has become. (They claim Charizard is the best and stuff.) So I kind of feel alone. (I have reason to believe there is more though.)


im the only one in my area

Razor Shiftry

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We have a pokemon society at Uni. Its fricking epic. There's over a hundred of us and we meet up every two weeks and do all manner of pokemon stuff, games, cards, anime, movies, cosplay anything really!

Umbreon Bob

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It's me and maybe 3 other people that I know personally.

Princess Neise

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I know quite a few pokemon who have positive feelings towards pokemon. My friends don't play or watch pokemon but they think of it fondly. They even went with me to a Pokemon Video Game tournament. One of those friends have even stuck up for my love for pokemon when someone asked" Aren't you a little old for pokemon?" I know there are a couple of boys in my class who play pokemon on the computer and one of those boys keep up with the newer and the spinoff games. There is also this girl in anime club who has a pikachu backpack like me.

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I know quite a number of people from college who still play Pokémon, or heck still watch the anime. It was for that reason that I'm happy I chose the school I went to, since it gives me comfort to know nerds will be nerds, and that I'm proud to be a nerd.

Otherwise, it's just my brothers, their friends (sorta), and I. And I'm fine with that, especially since the Interwebs seem to hold Pokémon in high regard depending on where one goes *coughSerebiicough*.


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I am the only one in my area, or at least the most addicted and older one.