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Do you like collecting items?

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by MugoUrth, Sep 9, 2011.


Do you like to collect?

  1. Yes

    21 vote(s)
  2. No

    0 vote(s)
  1. MugoUrth

    MugoUrth Bibarel's adorable.

    Simple as that. I notice people complain about their HG/SS mom buying berries with your money, or that gems are particularly useless compared to other items, but personally, I just plain like collecting these items in the game. Sometimes I feel like the only one.

    Anyone else like collecting these items, even if they're not that useful?
  2. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    I love collecting items. I always try to pick up every possible item in the games. If they are not useful for anything, I just sell them afterwards. Otherwise, they usually stay in my bag until I need to use them.
  3. Zweihander Nemesis

    Zweihander Nemesis Not too old for Poke

    I like to hear the little tune it plays when you pick up an item, so in a sense yes. Though I never use any of that X-Stat stuff.
  4. MegSuicune251

    MegSuicune251 Pokemon's #1 Fan

    I love collecting the "beach treasures"(Heart Scales, Pearls, Star Pieces, etc.)
  5. emboarrocks

    emboarrocks #1 emboar fan

    I definaly do
  6. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I do, especially in DPPt where I've gotten hundreds of items from the Underground.
  7. Axmaster68

    Axmaster68 Hoenn Chanmpion

    I love collecting every item in the game, then using or selling them as I see fit, which includes saving my Rare Candies (why would you every force them to level like that it is just wrong).
  8. Annihilator

    Annihilator Everyone's Watching

    Yeah of course. But the limited bag space in all games before D/P frustrated me greatly. So i would have to sell my crap items (mostly X battle items), but even after that i had some left, so i was forced to throw away good items.
  9. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    Yep I do. Esp on Wifi trades. peeps trade me items for non legends Pokemon ^^
    Coz I'm nice, nya~
  10. pinkchomby

    pinkchomby The Heir of Space

    Who doesnt?
  11. Larry

    Larry Well-Known Member

    I like to have as many items I can whether it be medicin, poke balls, or hold items.

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