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Do you like/love any characters like they were real?

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Seijiro Mafuné, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. Nando-Piplup

    Nando-Piplup Emo Coordinator

    ah, i see...Flannery is very hot!Thats why im nicknamed Asuno
  2. Seijiro Mafuné

    Seijiro Mafuné Diogomainardista!

    I wish people would learn to stop missing the point of this...

    It's not 'I like her because she's so hott!'. It's 'I like her because she's got a very nice personality and I like the idea of being with her!'. Or similar.
  3. darkgamerGS

    darkgamerGS Banned

    Yeah... looks? Sure, a lot of people have looks... but what about personality? Liking someone just cause of what they look like is kinda... bad. Would you really wanna spend your life with a lifeless, emotionless person who's only purpose is to look better than everyone else? I sure wouldn't... that's why it's real nice that Asuna is awesome... otherwise... who knows... eh, I don't wanna think about it. ;.;
  4. (s.i.e)

    (s.i.e) ★skydragon★

    as for me i don't,
    the only thing i would love to be real at the moment is a working wi-fi.
  5. Seijiro Mafuné

    Seijiro Mafuné Diogomainardista!

    If you don't, then what are you doing here? At the very least, you should provide an argument that isn't stupid.
  6. I've been a bit distracted lately, but now I'm going to swamp you with another speech of my latest love! ;)

    It happened earlier this year. I had heard about her elsewhere long ago, but didn't really know what she was about. All I knew is that she appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Last year, my cousins had came a few times to my house, and they had TP, which they played on my Game Cube. I just saw them play, as usual. Mostly because I was never fond of the Zelda series as a whole, and by seeing my cousin play, I concluded TP was the same old. But I must admit I noticed her, albeit slightly, since then. She was that creature that appeared when Link turned into a wolf. She was weird, but due to her size, she really seemed cute. And well... I must admit I felt enticed by her curves at first. Her face was as strange as herself, but it just had something... beautiful about it. Also, whenever my cousin called her, that funny voice sounded. Her voice. It was funny, but it also had something about it. Something that made me wonder more about her. All in all, I was still not too interested in Zelda, so I didn't pay it much mind.

    It wasn't until January that it all changed. My cousins came once again, but this time, they had left their games, forgetting to take them back. Guess which game was among them? Yup, Twilight Princess. At first, I was hesitant to try it out. I thought it was just another Zelda game. Yes, they're nice to try, but nothing else. However, I must admit I felt extremely curious about that female creature, and among other things, such as not having nothing else to play and nothing to lose by playing, I decided to try it out. The first couple of hours went without much hassle. Just the usual Zelda stuff, alongside a rather cute ranch girl that apparently took care of Epona. So far, an interesting game. In fact, I was enjoying it more than all other Zelda games I had played. Still, nothing too remarkable... until everything goes awry. The girl and a few of the young kids of the village get kidnapped by green monsters, and Link vanishes somewhere else. A place with a weird feel, ugly creatures, and just really weird. But I noticed a familiar shape watching him as he's taken by the monsters...

    Then she appears, as Link is caged into a cell, now as a wolf. And well... I think that this paragraph I wrote on a review of this wonderful game sums up my thoughts:

    A mysterious, yet beautiful theme song. An enigmatic red-and-yellow eye watching you endearingly. A long, mischievous, yet cute grin drawn on her face, with the ever-so-cute longer fang. A really short body reminiscing of a human, with white and black patterns, and proportioned in such a way you can’t help but admit it’s really sexy. Crimson hair standing up above a most strange helmet thing of sorts. The little Imp starts teasing you in such a funny, seductive and cute way... Link, as well as the player, are under her spell now. An introduction so powerful it leaves every other sidekick of past games in oblivion. A character so captivating she hooks you through and through in the enjoyable and annoying moments. She made this story her own and made manifest of what this franchise always needed. As she releases Link from the chains, she pressures him to find his own way out, and then pretty much makes of him her personal slave. From that point on, she is the one to help you in all moments, giving the advice previous sidekicks often failed to convey. But she’s also the primary focus of the storyline, and as far as I stand, she made up this game.

    From the very first moment, she caught my eye. She moved me to play on and on, and I discovered how wonderful the game was altogether. But, in its majority, the greatness of Twilight Princess was thanks to her only, even if the entire game had several wonderful points. And I was completely bewitched by how she treated Link, who I've always seen as myself whenever I played a Zelda game, and now... it was making me fall in love with that imp.

    If you played it, you know who is she. None other than Midna. She was more than just a sidekick. She was a major character in the game's plot. Pretty much the most important. And her story was really touching. But alongside that, there's all her expressions and actions. How she constantly yawns, looks around or tells Wolf Link to get a move on, and her expressions in all cutscenes. Midna's voice is also really funny, sweet and mysterious. Really beautiful... as is her appearance. Just so cute, yet fierce, much like her personality.

    There's several touching moments throughout the game, and those involving Midna were the most impacting for me. The one that put me on the edge and truly made me fall in love with Midna was when Zant appeared in person for the first time, and makes your effort of gathering the 3 Fused Shadows seem useless. He then goes and puts Midna through a direct source of light, and transforms you into a wolf permanently. Midna is on the verge of death, barely able to speak and to sustain herself. And the music... it tears your heart. And in such a place, you fall into despair. She tells you to go to Zelda... but how? And you can't help but feel awfully worried and hopeless at first, unable to find a way to save Midna. But then, you remember Castle Town. You run and run. Screw the enemies! Forget about scaring everyone! Just get to Zelda! I even felt that, if I took too long, Midna would die, and I tried to hurry the most I could. I felt SO relieved when I made it to her... and then Zelda, unable to do much else, transfers her power to Midna and vanishes from the place. Midna tells Link to stop her, but it all goes through. And from there, you notice a major change in her character. A change she doesn't admits until later on.

    It's that moment, as well as when she tells Link of the Twilis in the Gerudo Desert, and she asks so sweetly for him to go on and help her save the Twilight Realm, which made me see how wonderful she was. Midna is usually playful, and likes to joke and seduce anyone into her own desires. But deep down, she's truly sweet and caring, always seeking the best for her people. Her development and story throughout (At first, she gave a crap for the Light World and just let Link help her so to get the Fused Shadows. But Zelda's sacrifice and Link's actions for both her world and his own make her realize many things, and go through a total transformation) are wonderful, and just touch your heart really deeply. The way she is... how she seems to be easygoing, even if a huge burden tears her from inside, talks about her major strength and concern for all that she swore to protect. And such strength is awfully admirable. Something to cherish, appreciate, and also love.

    Midna has several sides, and all just make you laugh, cry and just fall in love with all she is. You really want to help her out. You hate anyone who hurts her mortally (Just as I hated Zant for doing that to her, and also Ganondorf, when it seemed he had killed her for real), and she impulses you, with her way of speaking, her attitude and her support abilities. I could go on and on... but Midna captivated me from beginning to end. It hurts, really, when you see her go, as you know she'll never come back... but that talks of her strength as well. She'll look forward and take her responsibilities headstrong, no matter how much she leaves behind. And she'll protect those she loves, even if that means she won't see them anymore... just wonderful and really kind.

    I'm really glad I gave Twilight Princess a chance. Otherwise, I wouldn't have come to meet Midna. A character with the most wonderful story and build-up I've ever seen. A character that's truly strong, yet kind. Someone that you can't help but love. It takes someone like Midna to shove Whitney down from her once-privileged top position. Something no one could do for almost 8 years. Only Midna could. As much as I still love Whitney, Midna just touched my heart that much more, and made me feel so happy, when I saved her from death, and when I saved her world. I had never felt like that before, and it truly feels wonderful. Thinking I'm Link in all Zelda games was never so fulfilling and satisfying. Yet, it also makes you miss her like nothing else, given the ending... which is probably why I went all the way in devising a sequel for Twilight Princess. I just want to see Midna again... very badly.

    That's about it. I could go on and on, but I'll spare you the disgrace of having me mope for Midna for eternities. Yet another character that won my heart, in the way no one else could. And that is completely...
  7. Cobalt_Latios

    Cobalt_Latios Well-Known Member

    O_O... wow, just wow. And that's considering the fact that I have played TP as well and only beat it in December. Eh, at first I disliked her because of how annoying she was in all, but later on gave her a chance, mostly because of said event where her persona changes drastically. Interestingly, they actually put that music of "Midna's Despair" in Brawl as one of the musics... not sure why.

    Btw, I haven't seen you in... god knows how long.

    As for me, well as of recently, I've been preoccupied with other things. But, off the top of my head, Blaze the cat comes to mind...

  8. In before bump!

    What can I say? Midna owns!! I never found her or any sidekick too annoying (Not even Navi. She was just dull). But I'm just tolerant like that, haha. But it's true. Most people gave Midna more attention after she develops. As for that song in brawl... the least they should've given us regarding Midna, seeing how she wasn't in the roster. :(

    Er, what? Then again, maybe I do know you. Haven't been here actively in ages. XP

    Anyway, I'm here to revive this from the dead! I've come to realize a few things lately, as I flesh out my list of favorite girls. I'll focus in my Top 10 for now. All I found comes down to a few facts...

    1. My 3 most favorite characters are also my most loved ones. They're the three ladies I'd do everything for, and those that make me go all dreamy and happy. Midna, Whitney and Yui are the privileged girls here. As it stands, it's really unlikely they'll drop down any bit. Then again, I've been surprised before (Midna came in and swept the competition, as well as my former, seemingly eternal love after all). But as far as they and my other Top girls go, I doubt they'll move anywhere. After all, the 3 are so special I went and created an OC based after me for each of their particular worlds. Something no other girl below has managed to do. And well... the 3 have evoked my longest and deepest posts here as well. They also embody what I'd like the most in a partner. If we merge the 3 of them, we'd have the perfect girl for me! Or maybe if we added a few more into the mix. ;)

    2. I like several girls, as I've come to realize now. Perhaps it is just a much-needed escape from certain delusion, but I'm glad it happened regardless of reason. The girls that come after my 3 loves are those I REALLY like. They share some traits with my sweethearts, but are also unique and special in their own right. All of them have looks going for them. The girls that captivate me tend to share a certain look pattern. They're often extremely cute in the face and demeanor, and they're well-endowed when it comes to their body. That mix of cuteness and sex appeal blended in one character... I think that's always going to win me. Such is true for my Top 3, and all that come after (Perhaps we could debate when it comes to the likes of Twili Midna, but as far as I go, her wonderful smile is just as cute as her Imp smile, not to say she keeps the same cute and mischievous behavior, regardless of the extreme physical change. Lenna and Samus would be better examples in this regard, I'd say).

    3. I've also noticed that the girls I like who have a plot going for them tend to be more noticeable for me, or just stand out that much more. However, there's a bit of a strange tendency in this. I tend to fall in love with certain girls even if they have no plot whatsoever going for them, and even when I ignore everything they are in-depth. Perhaps it's my ever-present creativity and imagination, which makes me feel like developing such girls deeper. Maybe it's their looks. But also their personality, as few as I might know about it when it comes to some of them. I mean... Whitney is way up there! Yet she lacks most depth. Perhaps it's the way things affect me. When she cried, I felt SO touched and different. The same goes for Midna to an extent. Though she's the one with the deepest plot out of my girls, the ending impacted me in such a way that, even if I spoiled myself, I felt such emotions... and it also made me prefer her Twili self vastly over her Imp form. There's also Athena (Given how things are, most people would think I'm all over her because she's freakin' hot. And they're right... to an extent. She's adorable and I find her personality charming, way beyond looks, even if the blatant Full Throttle Athena is my favorite incarnation), Nakoruru (Her outfit doesn't screams "hot", but she still is sexy, and also cute and so sweet. So set on protecting nature... yet she can be so sweet, like with Rimururu), Mia (She had a great, magnetic personality! She also had a great design and cute looks! She was so funny as well, what with her antics with Rhys and Ilyanna. Yet, her plot was one of the poorest out of all PoR characters, which is a shame, but didn't detract from Mia's lovely status) and Hsien-Ko (Recent find. I had liked her since I first saw her, and she was a reoccurring obsession, which has come back again. But now she's part of my Top 10. Her design, color blend, downright cute face and her scarce, yet glaring show-off make up for a most lovely girl!). It's almost like chemistry. I feel attracted to them beyond "Damnit she's so hot!!", even if not much is known or said about them. And as it happened with Midna, I often am so witheld and captivated by their actual story, they just become even more special.

    I must say it is most curious and interesting for me to find this out, as well as to finally conform a concise Top 10. Many of them were always there, even, without me knowing it consciously (Samus, Nakoruru and Hsien-Ko). This is most mystyfying, much like love itself. Guess we'll never know. And I want to make them all feel special. I think I'll be cutting Midna, Whitney and Yui some slack for a while. Or at least Whitney (She's been my focus for almost 8 years!), since Yui still needs more love than what she's got. Midna can be spared for a while more as well. But I want to show appreciation to all those that come after them, as they're also lovely and deserve the few I can give them as rendition. As such, expect me posting about those I haven't eventually.

    If you're wondering... here's the current Top 10. Pretty much unsubject to change as it stands, but you never know.

    1. Midna
    2. Whitney
    3. Yui

    4. Athena
    5. Lenna
    6. Nakoruru
    7. Mia
    8. Hsien-Ko
    9. Hinata
    10. Samus

    Bold ones are those who have gotten posts by me here, so... you know what to expect from me in a few more days. :3 So yep. This is it... for now!!
  9. eeveefox

    eeveefox Well-Known Member

    I love Brock on Pokemon,
    he has sexy eyes ....lol
  10. Crystal Clair

    Crystal Clair Well-Known Member

    Naruto's Hinata or Pokemon's Hinata
    Because if it's Pokemon's Hinata, then I can really relate to you.

    Guys, it's about time I tell you all about Crystal Clair Canon
    Since I cant be with Shinji in real life and since I dont want to be in the anime, I took elements from both worlds and made a world I can be with Shinji in.
    I often draw manga about me and Shinji living together at his family's house. He has his own room and we both sleep on his bed. Whenever I want to escape from reality, my mind goes there and and the Shinji there is not out character yet we manage to be in a romantic relationship.
    He gives me advice and helps me through my life and we both relate to each other.
    Here's an example of Shinjixme moment
    That girl who looks like Cassidy is how I feel I am inside, and not how I look in reality sadly.
  11. Otiswashere

    Otiswashere OR WAS I?

    Sakura from Naruto shipuuden she used to be a sad girl in part 1 (**** YOU SASUKE!) thats why i liked her but in part 2 shes got more in the T&A department so thats a bonus
  12. Seijiro Mafuné

    Seijiro Mafuné Diogomainardista!

    What's with this thread and the idiots coming by? I can't understand it, definitely...

    Please, if you are going to be talking about perverted stuff, just shut up and forget it, okay? Nobody cares. It's not like you really like them, not the way this thread was set up for.

    Just leave, okay?
  13. Crystal Clair

    Crystal Clair Well-Known Member

    Do you think we should move this discussion to a club? I mean it's an open thread, so technically they have a right to say that they dont but this thread has transformed into a club.
    Howver, this club has gotten some history to it. Irene posted on this club and she doesn't come here anymore ;_;

    Well... the other day I drew a realistic picture of Shinji as a person with me as my dream apprance. I actually drew two others and he came out looking pretty good in each one

    I still prefer anime Shinji though ^_^
  14. Irene

    Irene Rather bizarre

    I just received an e-mail from the forums reminding me how I am subscribed to this thread, the e-mail containing Crystal Clair's latest post. What can I say. I don't come here anymore, for various reasons, but I admit I miss this place a lot. I admit this thread has meant a lot to me when I still was a regular. It saddens me to see more and more people trying to be funny by bashing our feelings here. So, even if I may not be posting anymore, feel the right to say that maybe it would be best to create a club for this subject. I remember wanting to make one, but never eventually got around to do so. I may or may not come back posting if that's the case... specially because MANY things have changed for me over the past few months. But I'd rather see a new club take place of this, instead than seeing the whole thread die because of stupid people. That's my two cents, as an outsider.
  15. Crystal Clair

    Crystal Clair Well-Known Member

    Oh wow! Irene! It's been a while.
    Reading your post, I'm getting this feeling that well, you're being a bit dramatic. I know you're a bit sensitive though.

    You can be an honorary member of this thread/club or whatever they call people who are always welcome back regardless of long absense.

    I wish that no matter what happens, that Shinji will always have a place in your heart though.
    btw, if you come here again and see this post, could you email me and give me at least an idea of what happened? I'm a bit confused, after all you just vanished off the face of deviantart.

    I also came here to post that I replaced Shinji fangirl in my sig with Shinji lover because I feel the status of fangirl degrades me and places me in the same class of those annoying childish otaku fangirls who are rabid and annoying. I'm only fangirlish when we get new Shinji news or something good happens to him. Other than that I either use baby talk or I just love him in a more calm way.
    Although I cant resist joking about him sometimes.
  16. Nando-Piplup

    Nando-Piplup Emo Coordinator

    Ok well i like Flannerys personality too, we have alotta stuff in common, and maybe looks are imporatant too XD
  17. Nando-Piplup

    Nando-Piplup Emo Coordinator

    Ok well i like Flannerys personality too, we have alotta stuff in common, and maybe looks are imporatant too XD
  18. Seijiro Mafuné

    Seijiro Mafuné Diogomainardista!

    For the love of crap... please don't double-post, okay? It's NOT a good thing.

    Sheesh. Why is it that the morons who decide to post here are so idiotic?

    Anyway, onto some actually GOOD news... I'm finally out of my funk. Might have had several things involved, but... finally, I think, I have found some happiness. Enough to surpass the stupidity brought by those people... even if not intentional. The pain I had felt then is finally gone, I believe.

    I'm gonna try to keep this alive for real now, rather than the lame promise I made earlier. It might take a while until I can talk about the other girls I like, but even then, I should get it much quicker than last time.
  19. ManaphyXD

    ManaphyXD HEEEEYYYY !

    i say dawn because i like piplup
  20. eevee909

    eevee909 Your ladyship

    am in love with ash [no i am not desperit, he's just sooooooooooo hot!]
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