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Do you like/love any characters like they were real?

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by Seijiro Mafuné, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. Nando-Piplup

    Nando-Piplup Emo Coordinator

    Hm, I accidentally double posted. God, my computer is SO SLOW!!!!!!!
    Anyway, I like also like Dawn, May, Mistymermaid version), and Nurse oy.

    Dawn- Shes adorable and I like her style.

    May- Cute and I am very alike to her.

    Misty-Well....he has nice personaity.

    Joy Good looks yet shes so kind and sweet ;)
  2. Seijiro Mafuné

    Seijiro Mafuné Diogomainardista!

    Seems like the smart people have left...

    Anyway, I'm very sorry about not posting, but hopefully after June 12th I'll get to write more. For now... Do you think your favorite character has a strong role in its canon, overall?
  3. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    Er...yeah. Sejiro is right. Guys, don't reply here just to say you think so-and-so is hot or whatever. This thread is for people who really love their characters and think more of them than just that, not a place to be perverted and whatnot. -.-

    So post here again to say Misty/May/Dawn/whoever the h is "hot," "cute," or "sexy," you will be infracted. Consider this a warning. Kthnx back to topic.
  4. Crystal Clair

    Crystal Clair Well-Known Member

    Shinji: No doubt, and most of the people in the anime section would agree. He's not only a great character but he may have changed the face of Pokemon (for the good) and without Shinji, DP just wouldn't be the same.

    Clair: she had a lot of episodes for a gymleader back in the Johto days and she was pretty strong and adultlike so yeah I guess.
  5. I never left. I just fell in a long depression for so many things that happened. Not to say I was really busy with Uni. But now I'm back. I'll talk about that eventually... for now, I'll answer the current topic.

    Do you think your favorite character has a strong role in its canon, overall?

    Whitney really didn't have much of a role in any of the three Pokémon Canons. In the games, she was much like your average Gym Leader, though she had the slight twist of not giving you the Badge right away. Still, I would've liked even a slightly short involvement in the plot, like with Clair, or Morty in Crystal. Of course, a full-on quest like with Jasmine would've been awesome, but I think that'd have been difficult to do for Whitney, and it was alright, really. It's nice Jasmine has that unique twist all for herself. But yep. I would've even loved to see Whitney outside her Gym at least once, like they did with all Sinnoh Gym Leaders, except Maylene. Talk about bad luck. >__> At least she was the best of the eight in most ways, so she really didn't need to appear again. Unlike the others, whose appearance was much-needed to at least give off some more insight into their one-dimensional showcasing.

    In the Anime, Whitney had the privilege of defeating Ash and getting involved with them more than some other Gym Leaders, which was much welcome. Her mini-arc was pretty enjoyable and welcome. She was fleshed out more, to say the least. She could've had more of a role, but that is usually unexpected with Gym Leaders. Plus, we can't always have a deep development story like with Pryce or Maylene, or a deeper involvement like with Clair, so it's all right. At least Whitney was more noticeable here.

    Whitney also had a good amount of importance in the Special Manga. She was apparently bonded with Suicune, and we also had things like her friendship with DJ Mary. She had about the same amount of importance as all other Gym Leaders, but that's as good as it gets, I'd say. Overall, Whitney got acceptable roles and showcasing through the Pokémon Canons, besides the Games, where more could've happened with her. :(

    When it comes to Midna, however, we have the complete opposite. Midna's role in Twilight Princess was an extremely major one. I believe she even stole spotlight from Link at many moments through the story. Then again, what could we expect if Midna was the main subject even in the game's title? Nonetheless, this was much welcome in every way. With her incredible character and masterfully fleshed-out plot, Midna swept a place among my top favorites. After that mishap, she's not number one anymore, but Midna is just below Whitney now.

    Yui was the protagonist of her series, so I think this goes without saying. ^^

    Athena is just one of many fighters in King of Fighters and all other Fighting games where she appears, though she usually has a considerable role, being the leader of her Team. In Full Throttle, she shares the spotlight with Helene, but she's the main character, so to say.

    Lenna is definitely the main female of Final Fantasy V. Whether that's good or bad is up to interpretation. What I mean is that she ends with Bartz, so yeah. :x At least that bit was so ambiguous by the end he could very well marry Krile, which is awesome. :p

    I think Nakoruru has a Canon of her own, so she got an important role at least there. Even in Samurai Showdown, she seems to be rather major for the most part, which is nice. :D

    Mia was just one of many Path of Radiance characters, and one of the least fleshed out, sadly. :( She didn't have much of a showing, due to lack of Support characters. Oh well, she's still lovely!

    Hsien-Ko is also another fighter of Darkstalkers. They all have their own stories and purposes, so she's not really outstanding, as would be Nakoruru. At least her story is really interesting, even if sad, and she's the cutest of the lot!! <3

    Hinata is also a minor character in Naruto. She has some appearances and also takes part in some important moments, but she's not a main character, so to say. She's definitely up there, though.

    Samus is Metroid's protagonist, so yup. She got the best role possible. ;)

    It's nice to see almost all of my girls have really meaningful roles on their Canons. I usually don't care for that myself, because I love Whitney the most, even if she's not in the same leagues as the main characters, or even of Gym Leaders like Jasmine. But again, the bigger their role, the more they appear and the more their character is fleshed out, which is always welcome and wonderful for me. ^^
  6. Seijiro Mafuné

    Seijiro Mafuné Diogomainardista!

    Hey, bro! Nice to see you back!

    Anyway... my own answer...

    Jasmine: Yes, undoubtedly. At the very least, in both the games and animé, she had the same sidequest, and the mangá, dumb as it may be, did imply something important (even if it implied something else as well...). In the games, she's got one of the most important sidequests, as it's the only way to even face the Gym Leader, and GAME FREAK managed to make it so the player could empathize with her, if only for the plot purpose. Sadly, the animé managed to do this one wrong by diminishing her role, changing her character, and adding a dumb and particularly UNneeded waste of paint/paper to the whole. (And not having the obligatory thing I like, of course.)

    Pirika: The animé has this problem with making her be important, compared to the mangá (at least, it seems that due to how things went there, she could have had a better role), but Horohoro's 'Team The Ren' episode, as well as her bits in the first few episodes, are enough to make her important. And at least she wasn't an 'Anna mk. 2'.

    Dawn: Very nicely so, overall. Of course, the animé makes her share a role with Ash, and the game version could have a much better personality, but... she's the protagonist. This, by itself, gives her a pretty good role in it.

    Nichaela: She is part of the main team, overall, and is part of one of the story's romantical plots (if only it was with someone else... agh!). She also turns into the story's female lead by the middle to end of it, surprisingly.

    That's it, for now... I hope someone else has a topic.
  7. Nice post, bro. It's great to be back indeed. If only we weren't about 3/4 people, but ah well.

    Now, I'm going to post something I wanted to for a while. I hinted to it in my previous post, and I guess my vanishment from this thread was also an indicator of something wrong. Don't worry, I'll make it short and to the point. I seriously don't want to revive that time of my life.

    You might remember that a few posts before, I claimed that Midna became my new top love of all times... how wrong I was. As wonderful as Midna was, I couldn't realize I just fell into that tangent because the heartbreak I suffered affected all I once felt for Whitney. The gist is that I mistakingly related Whitney to that one person, and as such, when it all ended, I didn't want to have anything to do with her anymore... all I related to her included.

    How utterly stupid of me to do that. To drop Whitney because of a person that wasn't worth it at all in the end. To tarnish my feelings and love for her in such way... it really felt awful. And I felt it with such force as I acted up on the lie that she had dropped. And I never wanted her to... I didn't realize how much I had lost. How much I had dropped. How much I was hurting myself.

    I fell into a deep depression, both for all the crap that happened, and when I realized this... it was much worse. But at the very least, I could realize my idiocy, and could love Whitney again, as I used to, and forever from now on. She was the one that really showed me what true love is, even if she is not real. If only I could meet someone like her... but let's not think about that.

    The lesson here is to never, ever relate the character(s) you love with someone else. You might... no, you probably will regret it in the long run.

    And in this regard, as negative as this is, a new topic: Have you had any bad experience with the character(s) you love?
  8. fucchan

    fucchan Team Rocket Fangirl

    I had a massive crush on James when I was like 9 or 10...he's still my favorite but uh...not quite to that extent anymore I guess XD
  9. Seijiro Mafuné

    Seijiro Mafuné Diogomainardista!


    Sadly... I'll have to say 'yes' here, too.

    It's not something I really wanted, but... it happened. Due to some events, early this year, I... ended up suffering a shock. I learned something I didn't expect at all, and part of the reason why it was so awful for me to know that is because it ended up involving Jasmine. Seeing as how it was for something I considered to be a real friendship, and as I didn't want to lose something I thought was real... I decided to forget about the things that could bring such hurt... which, in the end, meant the one ship I supported more than anything.

    And the shock, the backlash... was worse. I tried to avoid thinking so much about it, because I didn't want to cause any more pain... that I forgot. Out of my mind, she went... and I hadn't even noticed. I was too focused on thinking of anything else, anything that didn't have to do with it, since I didn't want to lose one of the deepest friendships I had ever had...

    ...and in the end, just as things seemed to have returned to normal... the effect didn't pass. I was still feeling awful about it, and even though I tried... I couldn't remember her. I knew her... but all the good emotions, all the nice things that I had thought, regarding her, all I had written... now they were empty, broken, useless. I guess that's when I was the most depressed, overall... and it took me a while to recover. Too long a time, maybe...

    Thankfully, I was helped out by enough people, by some of my closest friends... but it doesn't seem like I'm fully healed from the pain. Maybe I won't; maybe the scars are there to remind me of my own mistakes. But... regardless, at least now I don't feel such horrors as I did, back then.

    This is it. Thanks for reading, anyone...
  10. Hakajin

    Hakajin Obsessive Shipper

    Yes, Misty, and Ash to a lesser extent. Being as obsessive as I am about Pokeshipping, I tend to project onto Misty. I sympathize with her completely. After all, when I think about shipping, her emotions are really my emotions. I went through a mild depression for a few months after finding out she was leaving the show. I imagined that she must feel left behind by Ash, and jealous over whoever was travelling with him now. And the former was true to some extent, as shown in a couple of HoSos. I still feel bad if I feel like Pokeshipping isn't going well. I've also developed her character beyond what it is on the show. I accentuate my favorite qualities about her, and I also end up giving her some of my own traits. I guess Misty is one aspect of myself, in a way, an alter-ego, if you will. I feel very close to her. She's like a really close friend to me.

    Ash... I guess I kind of have a crush on him through Misty. He represents some of my favorite qualities: innocence, idealism, selflessness, etc. But since I project onto Misty, not Ash, he's not as real to me. I don't think about his character as much as I do Misty's.

    This shipping thing is really an interesting psychological phenomenon. A lot of people do the same things I do. I wanted to research it, but... psychology drove me absolutely up the wall with its strict materialism. I'm good at it, but it's too depressing.

    Setting that aside, I also tend to get emotionally attached to my favorite Pokemon. Especially in the first and second gens., and especially the ones who were in my team and had nicknames I liked. I liked it when they liked me, and I was proud of their accomplishments. It's not as intense as shipping, but it's something.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2008
  11. manaphee

    manaphee 新たなる誓い

    I really like May/Haruka, she's nice, and she is good at handling Pokemon. I really like Jasmine too, but Dawn/Hikari is really pretty.
  12. SaiKun14

    SaiKun14 Harley Fangirl

    Yes I love Harley which is obvious when looking at my sig and avatar, i love his personality the way he always tries to ruin May's chance of winning, it's funny to me because i don't like May that much either, and even though he acts gay i still love him, that is another reason i love him he was always entertaining to watch, also i like the facial expressions he makes. He's also dedicated to his pokemon and treats them as equals.

    As for others i also love Sai from Naruto Because i love his personality the aawy he taunts Naruto and his past is sad, i also love how now he's trying to understand different emotions and relationships, although he's kinda doing a bad job of it. Currently he and Harley are all i think of.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2008
  13. Gibbis

    Gibbis Read it,READ IT!

    No I don't find any character's on the TV attractive I might like them as characters but not as people

    A good character will stick into ya mind like a sticky sock
  14. Irene

    Irene Rather bizarre

    Guess what, guys.

    I'm back. For good (hopefully!).

    Okay so there have been good and bad things lately. Things that have mixed up my thoughts very much.

    There has been quite a long period in which I have loved NOBODY. Nobody expect my boyfriend, because friends had failed on me, anime loves had failed on me, and he was the only good thing left in my relationships. I bet anyone would be happy to have a caring boyfriend like I am... I am surely happy to be with him, but it's always like something was missing.
    I guess it was only obvious I would have gotten a new anime crush... though this was so unexpected, and yet so scary at the beginning, I hardly admitted it.
    But then it kind of become old news on the internet, so why not talking about here too? This is one of the places where I can get the best support and talk to people who have similar experiences, so I'll just shoot.

    Alice from Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai.

    I am not sure on how this started. I just know I didn't care much about the movie... eh, I think I only watched it around the period in which it aired in the USA (funny, cause I don't live there, and I watched it in Japanese, fansubbed). I never really cared about Darkrai, thought it was a really stupid Pokémon, the movie was pointless showing the battle of two of the dragon trio vs... that thing. Bah.

    God how much I regret thinking like that.

    I admit I still don't like most things about the movie, but it hit some weak parts of my heart and made me fall in front of the evidence I was loving again. I stopped thinking Darkrai was crap and instead he made it to my top 5 favorite Pokémon of all time... and Alice made it to my top 5 of people in anime I love the most. I am not even sure where Jindai and Shinji are located now.I doubt I ever REALLY stopped loving them. For sure, I NEVER stopped respecting them. They are too much of an important part of my heart. But now they are on the side. I don't remember feeling something like the feeling I have for Alice. Maybe, the fact she is a girl makes it just more awkward, but I've tried not to think about that too much. I still find it very difficult to imagine me with her though. Mostly because of Tonio (and Darkrai...), but I'm sure there is at least another one big reason I'm missing.

    It may be the reason why I totally ship her and the Pokémon, it reflects my awkward situation, yet it makes so much sense in my eyes, and makes me feel warm inside.
    Maybe one day I'll be able to exactly express my feelings, but it's a bit too early now.

    There, done. Not even a spell check before I hit the "post" button. This all came from the heart, I had to get this off my chest. Hope I am welcome back here.
  15. Crystal Clair

    Crystal Clair Well-Known Member

    Welcome back Irene, homefully this thread will be more alive with you here. The Shinji club died T_T and I'm shy about starting a new thread but sooner or later.

    I personally dont care for Alice but mostly because I've never seen the movie and she reminds me of this girl I knew back junior year who was always quiet and had no sense of humor. In her defence, she was braindamaged from an accident when she was little but that only made looking at Alice feel creepier. I understand how you feel though.

    Right now, I'm currently on a slight hiatus from the Pokemon fandom. I'm more into the Legend of Zelda series, specifically TP and the 64 games and I've been thinking more and more about the games. But despite this, I will always keep Shinji in my thoughts. So if I ever left Pokemon temporarily, I'd still be in love with Shinji

    Uh yeah. One even made me feel awkward around Shinji and almost consider staying away from him but I recovered. I'm not going to say due to it being such a weird thing but unfortunately, a song on the radio stuck in my head around that time and whenever I hear that song, I feel pain deep down.

    I must say that even though people complain Shinji is a rough trainer and "evil", I know it's just training preferences and it doesn't matter to me Shinji's training concept, as long as he's happy. I must say that I feel the same way he does sometimes, although I like to train with all different kinds of Pokemon. However, I turn into him completely when I find out one of those Pokemon are ultimately useless or the Pokemon is weak but there's no other resort.
    I even wrote a picture book about me training a Ponyta and then abusing it when it gave me a hard time
    *still doesn't like Ponytas*

    it would kind of hurt if Shinji somehow caught a Ponyta and mastered it's power.
  16. Hakajin

    Hakajin Obsessive Shipper

    Oh, well, you know he's going to end up changing his mind, anyway. I mean, it's Pokemon. Sure, he'll still be kind of mean, but he'll learn to care about his Pokemon. I haven't watched Pokemon in a long time, so I haven't seen an episode with Shinji, but I really have a soft spot for characters who start off selfish and then learn to care about others.
  17. Seijiro Mafuné

    Seijiro Mafuné Diogomainardista!

    Seems like this place's empty again... and I missed this thread just when Irene posted. I guess my bad luck lasted for a while.

    But on the other hand, at least it seems like the worst has passed; not many people saying they like Jasmine that much... it's bittersweet, but I guess it's better for me to be happy about it than for something like that to happen. Still, we should probably find something to talk about...


    I guess... that Kurumi counts.

    At least, on the 'like' bit... I can't tell if I love her, considering how little I actually know about her series, and the entire circumstances...

    ...but well, why else would I like Steel Angel Kurumi this much?


    Yeah... sorry about the lack of a topic. It's my fault, in a way.
  18. Crystal Clair

    Crystal Clair Well-Known Member

    Found a ironic comment in one of my journals.
    2006 - "I'm afraid that soon my Shinji passion could leave me (I DONT WANT TO LEAVE SHINJI!!!11)

    It seems only by three months of Shinji I was already infatuated with him.

    I actually remember when the DP gymleaders were first revealed, that when we saw Natane, no one could tell if she was a girl or a boy.
    I honestly suddenly hoped that she'd be a boy just because if I did fall for her, it'd be different from Clair. And I guess I wanted to try different things. Clair kept me tied up and I felt stuck because of her but Shinji (and Natane in a way) saved me.

    I do like being attracted to a boy for once. It makes me really feel like the bisexual I first realized I was back in middle school.
  19. blazegirl

    blazegirl ~.:The Kyuubi:.~

    From pokemon: Flakner and Drew I guess if I had to pick, but not all that much "Attracted" or "In love" as some people

    But from Naruto: It has got to me Shino. Some people think he is so wierd and creepy. But I think he is very Smart and Caring. Sorry if I'm wierd, hehe.
  20. ShinyVaati

    ShinyVaati 100% Rebel Time Lord

    Definitely May. I'd be her boyfriend in a heartbeat!
    Also Candice. She's cool! (no pun intended.)
    And Paul. But in a straight way.
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