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Do You Like Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

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So let's settle this once and for all. Do any of you like Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl? Do you like them more then the original Diamond and Pearl? Do you like them more than Pokémon Sword and Shield?

I obviously like these games a lot. More than the original Diamond and Pearl and more than Pokémon Sword and Shield, but that doesn't mean they are bad games at all.

I really enjoyed playing these games a lot and nothing will change my mind on that.

So do you like Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl? Let me know below.


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Yeah, I like them alright, but Pokemon Diamond and Pearl weren't really that high on my favorite Pokemon game list.

I say that, but I completed the national dex in Pokemon Pearl after so many years with the help of My Pokemon Ranch.


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I guess I’d say BD/SP are a pretty good set of games, at least better than SwSh (not a very high bar, I know). I expected the game’s story to be more in-depth than “Cyrus tries to capture Dialga and Palkia, fails, and goes to jail (?)”, at least more like ORAS. Still, it’s been fun going in the Underground and catching mons from other regions. I wish the contest feature was more like ORAS as well; it was lackluster here.
Overall, a solid 3.5/5.

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I actually love these games. I played a bit of Diamond but not much and my Gen IV Sinnoh experience was with Platinum. I love how much easier it is to activate the Spiritomb event, dig for items Underground and how making Poffins w9nt give you hand cramps anymore. Yeah the remakes aren’t perfect but they are just so much fun to explore.

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I do. Indeed, I've been really enjoying myself! There's a lot of stuff I enjoy, with music being one of them. The music in this game is beautiful!

Taking my time, and am still around the Pastoria area, ready to get my 4th Badge. Been spending time on the Contests, and have a Master Rank in all of them on one Pokemon. Really love this take on Contests, to be honest; never been so invested in them before as now.


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If we're comparing Diamond & Pearl vs Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, this will have to go to the re-makes. The original DP was quiet clunky, and even I'd make my decision on just one thing and only one thing, it would be surfing speed. The rate you move while surfing in the original Diamond & Pearl was absolutely unbearable. It was a good thing Sinnoh is not as water-logged as Hoenn, but by golly moving in water was a pain. BDSP has many QoL changes that are for the better, and in many cases put it a shoulder above DP.

This all changes, however, if we throw Platinum into the mix. And if that is the case, I would have to go with Platinum. First off, the surfing speed was fixed in that game, and while it's not as fast as in more recent games, it's at a pace that it's adequate enough. The ability to get both mascots was also a huge plus, and not to mention the expansion of the Battle Park to the Battle Frontier gives loads of post-game content. Finally, the story in Platinum has a better pay-off: in DP and BDSP Cyrus and Galactic just disappear after the events of Spear Pillar. The addition of the Distorted World and Cyrus's plans for it, and how you traverse that world and beat him to it wraps up Platinum's story better than any of the other Sinnoh games. Not to mention how Cynthia participates more in that story, and most of the other Gym Leaders and NPCs do more as well. It makes me wish that they would make a Platinum re-make in this style; heck I'll sucker it in and buy it too.
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So first of all, yes, I have been enjoying BDSP so far. Just being able to revisit Sinnoh with modern mechanics is pretty amazing, and while I am somewhat disappointed in the general lack of new features, I think we should probably appreciate that's what separates a remake from a remaster. I wouldn't qualify these games as remakes; I'd say these are remasters, and in that regard I think they're very solid games, especially from a developer with little prior experience developing Pokemon games.

Now for the second and third parts of that question. I think in a vacuum with all other things being equal, yes, I prefer BDSP to the original DP. They're essentially the same game, only with BDSP having updated mechanics and some minor improvements in things like the team quality of various NPCs. However, that comes with the caveat that I think DP were massive steps forward in the Pokemon franchise (in my opinion, the single most important generation) and the gap in progress between them and their predecessors was much bigger than between BDSP and its predecessors.

I would say I enjoyed playing Diamond for the first time more than I enjoyed playing Brilliant Diamond for the first time, not because Diamond is better if you compare them directly to each other, but because it was that much more revolutionary compared to previous entries in the series. I expect I probably had a lot more playtime in DPPt than I will accumulate in BDSP. Of course that isn't a fair comparison, I was much younger and had much more free time and frankly interest in the Pokemon series when the original DP came out, and BDSP isn't exactly supposed to be a revolutionary entry in the Pokemon series; it is, as described, a faithful remake, but while I think BDSP are the better games without considering any other factor, I think DPPt advanced the series much farther than BDSP did.

As for Sw/Sh, I have to take a somewhat weaker version of the same stance. I'd rather play BDSP (at least at the moment), but Sw/Sh did lay some important foundations for the Pokemon series that BDSP simply didn't. That being said, the current trend seems to largely be straying away from traditional Pokemon games in the way that Sw/Sh were, so we'll see how relevant that really is going into the future.

All in all, definitely solid games, but not revolutionary in the way their predecessors were. But then again, that was never the goal.
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I really enjoy the games so far but they would've been near top-tier if they had the Platinum dex, Sylveon + Alolan/Galarian forms/evolutions, and togglable exp share.


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Overall enjoying myself. Just got to the point where you go visit each of the lakes and it’s a decent game. Still I can’t help but feel like these games were missed potential and the 1:1 to specifically DP hurts it more than it helps. Don’t know why at least some Platinum elements weren’t implemented and, like LGPE, their inconsistency with the faithful approach is confusing. Platinum is still the better game but if someone isn’t willing to shell out money for an overpriced copy or emulate, these games are fine substitutes.


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i find it better than sun/moon, USUM and sword/shield. SM was lack luster, incomplete package in terms of features and pokemon/move tutors. USUM patched up move tutors and legends. roaming the wilds in sword got boring quick enough as there wasnt much you could do in the towns. so far im rather happy with BD, haven't gotten that far post game but at least the underground is more interesting and useful than gen8 wilds. The BD towns aren't barren or have at least 25% vacancy ie dead buildings. Havent gotten around to breeding yet or catching ditto. Currently training a team for e4 rematch while trying to fill the national list.might get tired of running underground but the treasure hunts have some useful benefits.

Don't know if this game will be better than XY ORAS but at least it's better than gen7 and the previous gen8 games.
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This is my first time playing any version of these. I never touched the originals, but I have to say they're pretty good. I'll be talking about them in a bit more detail once I finish the rest of the postgame stuff.

There are flaws. But the flaws aren't anywhere near as major as I thought they would be. There are only really two noticeable ones. First, there are issues with the analog stick in certain areas ramping up the encounter rate. Solution: Use the d-pad in those areas.

The second issue is more of a pacing issue, because there comes a point where Team Galactic is going to carry out their main plan, and you have to stop them. And the game gets really exciting once you get to that part. The problem is that you're put in a situation where you have a huge sense of urgency, but you have to drop what you're doing to go get a Gym Badge, because the Grunts won't move out of the way until you do. It's not game-breaking, but it is kind of weird that the game would just tell you to stop saving the world for a bit so you can go get your next Badge.

The biggest issue that hit me, and it isn't really a flaw as much as it is a massive difficulty spike, is the Elite Four and Cynthia. They weren't a major problem, but they ended up being huge battles of attrition, especially Cynthia. And I think it's the first time I've had to wait for an AI opponent to run out of PP and start using Struggle before I could finish the battle. It was kind of sad, but it was funny at the same time, because I kept reviving Dialga and putting it out to wear down Garchomp's PP.


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So let's settle this once and for all. Do any of you like Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl? Do you like them more then the original Diamond and Pearl? Do you like them more than Pokémon Sword and Shield?
For the record, yes, I like Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. I actually like Sword and Shield more, at least from the perspective of someone who has completed the main game in both of them--when it comes to putting together teams for multiplayer battles, Sword and Shield makes things so easy by giving out Pokémon with Hidden Abilities, with maximum IVs, BPs for items, etc. On the other, hand, every town has more significance in the postgame in Sinnoh than in Galar, and I kind of miss the shops and Pokémon Centers being separate buildings.

This is definitely an improvement on Diamond and Pearl. The Remote PC alone makes it much more convenient. It also doesn't take a month and a half to save.

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There are so much to do in this game. I have 36 hours on this game and just beat the league
Between the rematches, underground, Ranmas Park, battle tower etc, backtracking in Sinnoh.
Its just so rich compared to Swsh, for me atleast
I would say their post game content is much better compared to the more recent games particularly XY's, SwSh's, and Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee's postgame content. The post game content has been lacking for a while now, the last decent postgame was in B2W2.
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