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Do you like Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green? How do you rate the game?

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What's your opinion of Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green? Do you like the game? How do you rate it?
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I guess if I had to rate it out of 5 stars, maybe 4? LeafGreen was my second ever Pokémon game as a kid (first one was Ruby) and I really enjoyed it. I've replayed it a few times over the last five or six years and I still think it holds up pretty well. Idk if it's nostalgia or just me genuinely thinking it's a solid game, but I think it holds up decently. I never really cared about the Sevii Islands stuff so I can't speak much to that, but FRLG is definitely my favorite gen 1 experience. I've never been a huge RBY fan (it just looks too dated for me) and while I honestly don't mind LGPE (I DO think LGPE looks very pretty, if nothing else), nothing really tops FRLG for me.


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Still the best way to experience Kanto by far. Really like how they incorporated elements of bothe Johto and Hoenn into the games despite sticking with just the original 151 for the main story. My only gripes are with how limited some Pokémon's movepools still are and that there isn't much for post game outside of the Sevii Islands.

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I think that they are really good games and are the definitive Kanto games. But I do have some criticism for them. First Alternating Cave never being used as intended meant that you have a really pointless area, Lost Cave was rather annoying to get through, and the multiplayer mini games and Berry Crusher were pointless if you had no friends to play with and I really wanted to try them and get Berry Powder to see what exactly it did.
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They're definitely the best Kanto games so far and they were pretty good for their time, but they were still heavily flawed then and even more flawed now. The insistence on keeping the whole main game a copy/paste job when GSC and RS (especially RS) have made a lot of improvements in Pokemon rosters, map design, characterization and plot, QoL features, and extra content made it feel a tad too archaic, and even further improvements in those areas over the years make it even worse. The Sevii Islands did greatly improve the post game and implement some of the things I wanted to see, but I would've liked the main game to similarly be improved. In the end it's decent but just the least bad Kanto where none of them are that good.
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I think they're great games, better than the originals in terms of graphics and overall content. They're not among my top favorite Pokemon games however, but they're still an 8/10 and arguably the best remakes after HG/SS from my viewpoint.


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They're alright? I don't play either of them that often anymore but I do have good memories from playing them. I remember loving the wireless adapters that came packaged with the early editions of these games and also the Sevii Islands. :]


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LeafGreen was my second ever Pokémon game as a kid (first one was Ruby)
same here for both, at least main series-wise [i had pinball RS and colosseum prior to getting leafgreen]

to me frlg is still the definitive way to play kanto. rby is too ancient, and lgpe is too baby-fied

the only thing frlg doesn't have going for it is the physical-special split and fairy types

the sevii islands postgame was great and i hope we can return there someday
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FireRed was my first Pokemon game, so they will always be nostalgic for me. They aren't my favourite remakes (I like HeartGold/SoulSilver and especially Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire better), but I still greatly prefer them to Let's Go games and BD/SP. I really liked the addition of Sevii Islands, as Kanto is a boring and bland region on its own, the improved rematch teams for Elite Four/Champion , and the remixed music. The only things that make them less enjoyable by modern standards are the lack of physical/special split and flawed breeding mechanics.


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They were my first as well and I have many fond memories with them. I really like the art style, it looks pixelated but polished to me. Not sure how to describe it, but reminds me how some SNES games hit that sweet spot between looking retro but detailed enough ti achieve that timeless look. The music is pretty iconic to me but honestly each gen has a great ost. As a kid I also loved how the pokedex was laid out, it was cool seeing images of the different environments and imagining what kinds of pokemon will be available there

Story and gameplay wise they’re pretty straightforward. I’d say they’re a great starting point to get into pokemon, kanto is the most iconic region and I remember helping some of my classmates who got into it during the pokemon go era. Looking back they might not be too impressive but as a kid there’s so much wonder stepping into this world, memorising all the pokemon and exploring the region, which is helped by its more nonlinear design

Honestly Kanto just feels like the ‘pure’ pokemon experience to me, the simple good old days. Lol technically it is but it really set the mandate of what pokemon is and what you can expect from it. The characters are also pretty memorable to me, but the anime enhanced that. You can just look online and see how many memes, theories and even creepypastas are about Kanto, it just goes to show ingrained it is within our culture
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Like 'em well enough. Loved the Sevii Islands and updated music but was disappointed that the main plot hadn't changed much from the originals aside from the Sevii Island stuff but most of that happens post-E4 anyway.


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Horrible games. Lack of animated sprites (IIRC no sprit differences between games either), the forcing of using Gen 1 Mons, the not being able to transfer from your RS games until post game and even then the whole post game was basically a quest for you to be able to transfer. No improvement to the boring Gen 1 story either. Running on Gen 3 meant no physical/special split either

Only positives was the wireless adaptor & running on gen 3 means it's fairly fast unlike HGSS
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