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Do you like the new or old Pokemon episodes better?

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The new Pokemon episodes are so much different from the original Pokemon shows.

What do you like better?

I personally love season 1 of Pokemon. It was funny and showed a lot of character. I don't really "connect" with the new episodes of Pokemon. The humor is not funny like it was in season 1 and truthfully, the characters don't talk very natural anymore. The new episodes just seem so awkward.

What are your thoughts?

Haunter ゴースト

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Whilst the OS is my favourite series, the new series are just as good and I won't knock any of it.

I'd love to make a paragraph on why, but I've said it so many time it tires me repeating it.


It depends.
Some episodes from the older series are awesome and som suck.The same with newer series.Some are good episodes, some bad.
Overall I like both.


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I know you can't be aware of this because you're new, but we've had a lot of similar threads lately for some reason ^^" The topic itself isn't taboo or anything, but with people having the opportunity to state their opinions in about 2-3 threads in the last two months, I think the discussion has run its course for now.
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