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Do you miss Max

Do you miss Max?

  • Yes

    Votes: 15 16.0%
  • A bit maybe

    Votes: 9 9.6%
  • Not much

    Votes: 17 18.1%
  • Not at all

    Votes: 53 56.4%

  • Total voters

Ashy Boy

Paul's #1 Rival
Do any you miss Max? I for one don't because even though he did have a lot of knowledge on Pokemon, he was sometimes annoying aside from having to drag Brock from flirting with girls. I didn't mind Max teasing May, but I didn't like him taunting Ash about not winning at both Johto and Hoenn Leagues.

Final Flash

I've still got it.
I didnt even know he was gone. But now that I know, probbabbly will.
Masato is not going with Haruka to Johto. He is going back to their parents in Hoen.

Also, Masato was my least favorite character. So, yeah, I'm glad he's gone.

Sapphire Skitty

+ Always There
Not one bit, he was annoying. I'm also glad he's not joining Haruka in the Johto. It must have sucked for Haruka to have had to drag her little brother around everywhere.
I liked Max, but there was obviously no reason for him to stay with his sister gone.

They pretty much did all they could with Max anyway, he reached his full potential without Pokemon.

Now if they give him Pokemon and he travels through Hoenn, I'd like to see him again.


Well-Known Member
No not at all. i never liked max, he was whiney and pointless. "ooh he was the navigator" no. stop saying he had a point to the show, they could have easily given someone else the pokenav. maybe if he caught a pokemon or wasnt a geeky loser he would have been interesting. sorry but i have nothing but glee for his departure.

C.J. Ray

I wanted Shaymin! :(
I really liked Max. He was the focus of the sixth movie, and I liked how he knew so much about Pokemon. Sadly, his leaving was a necessity...he was reaching the age of a trainer, so he was no longer useful as the 'little kid.'

I hope that they show Max getting back his Ralts. Now that D/P has that branch evolution of Kirlia, maybe they'll show him battling with it. In the meantime, Ash needs a new cast to work around. (As much as you hate it, Brock is the only character who was available for this stint. May had to go to Johto to compete with her rivals, and Max had to get ready to start his own journey. Brock had no attachments.)

I'm going to probably paste Max's mug shot on every page of my site, but I'm not going to cry too hard. It's like my kitten running away and never coming back. It's pointless to cry over the fate of our characters.


7th Shichibukai
Now if they give him Pokemon and he travels through Hoenn, I'd like to see him again.
Definitely. Its time to give him some character. I just want a cameo of him with pokemon just to see what kind he has. Also, if he does come back and sees Ash and them, I want to see Ash pwn him so badly. *evil grin*


Hero of Justice
He was useless in so many ways. I'm glad he's gone.
No not really. I'm not even that bad with missing May anymore, so I don't see why I would be missing Max.

Plus, we still get to see both May and Max in the episodes in the U.S. because their airing the Battle Frontier. But maybe once we're done with AG, I might start missing them a little more.

Poke Master 7

Boulder Trainer
I'll answer this with an honest not in the least. I don't even know what the writers were thinking even creating him. What was his point to the Advanced Generation? So they gave him the Pokenav, they could have much more easily given it to Brock, who unless I'm mistaken, has been the one with the map since he joined the group. And even with the Pokenav they still ended up lost more times than you could count to on the fingers and toes of a whole room of people. Heck the writers never even gave him a Pokemon, something that all the group has had since the start. All he really was was a know it all and you know what? I really don't like know it alls. So you ask if I'll miss him? I could care less if I ever see him in the show again. And that is the Gospal Truth.


Ash fan girl! Cute!
Nope won't miss him, heck I forgot about both May and Max already.