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Do you play an instrument?

Do you play an instrument?

  • Yes

    Votes: 95 82.6%
  • No

    Votes: 20 17.4%

  • Total voters


Well-Known Member
I can't play anything
i really try, i just cant do anything

but when forced i choose the sax tenor because i suck at it the least


Scary Faerie♥
Alto Saxophone since 6th grade. I'm currently in 10th.
I play the piano.
I'll start cello lessons in a couple of days.


Yes. My voice.

Alternatively, I can play piano, though not well by any means.


Well-Known Member
My voice...

I play a little piano, and if if I tried I could play the cello again because I played for 4 years and that was only a few years ago, and I could probably also bumble through playing a bass


†God Follower†
I have a moderate degree of skill at the keyboard, harmonica and ocarina. I also sing some.


Well-Known Member
I can do Metallica's One's intro but who cannot do that...

I can't.

but still, 4 years of drumming, and nothing else. maybe Bass, but kinda meh on it. Guitar... lost interest when we had to try to play some notes at school on guitars.

(like I sometimes had an interest, lol)

John The Greek

Event pkmn searcher
Yes I play the guitar.In my opinion is the best instrunment because you can do great things with it and it sounds amazing!!!


I've played piano since second grade, and took up the electric bass about 6 months ago.
Played guitar seriously for about 2 years now. Mainly playing classical/heavy metal.

I can also play the drums to an extent since my girlfriend used to play them :) and doodle on the piano/bass.


Recorder, thought it was boring, moved on after 4th grade.

Trumpet, was pretty good, but the notes were too high, moved on after 6th grade.

Baritone Horn, perfect, good sound, and my note range, and I have speciailzed music. Still play it, and I'm in 8th grade.


i <3 hayley williams
Tuba, Bass, Saxophone, Guitar.
A little piano .;x
I used to play the saxophone and the piano when I was in middle school, but I got bored of both of them so now I don't play any. I still sort of remember the notes and stuff, but I'm definitely not as good as I used to be. One day I might start playing again, but I don't really want to take Band, at least not right now.