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Do you really use your legendaries?


Veteran Member
Do you really use them or you just catch them and put them in a box without use, or maybe you train them because you want a Lugia lv.100 but once it is done you never use it again.

Post what you do with the legendary pokemon here


Not really. I used a palkia/ dialga team battle in the restaurant in d/p for like 5 seconds I stopped because it got boring and I felt kinda bad fighting lv 20 Roselias with the rulers of time and space


Well-Known Member
No, I don't; I find them cheap. The only reason I capture legendaries is to add their data to my Pokédex.


Veteran Member
I use the main legendary till beating the League for the first time, but after that I just put it back in the last box with all the other legendaries, since Platinum I like having a normal team.


Well-Known Member
i think they are cool, personally i dont use them a huge them a huge amount but i do use the occasional one of the trios from each game ie, regirock or articuno


Well-Known Member
Most of the time, Legendaries don't have ultimate coverage movesets. I do use pseudo-legendaries though.

Nothing wrong with that, I think most people probably use at least one pseudo-legendary on their team. I think since R/S/E, the only time I've used a legendary in-game was Zekrom against N and Ghetsis in White, just for the ultimate showdown between Reshiram and Zekrom. I don't know why I've gotten into that habit though, I guess the "uber" thought has crossed from competitive to in-game somehow..


Petal Blizzard
The only mons i've actually used are: Cresselia, Manaphy, Victiny and Tornadus. Apart from that, no, I never use legends :p


Veteran Member
I have only use Rayquaza, Latias, Palkia, Giratina, Lugia, Zekrom but all of them except Latias and Giratina for a short time


The Great Gublet
I never use legendaries on my standard ingame team. Sometimes I do like to get out a team of 6 legendaries and demolish the E4 for fun, though =)


I sometimes use some to help beat the elite four, but other than that no because they are too overpowered.

Psycho Cut

Well-Known Member
I like legendaries, and I'm not ashamed to say they have a place in my team. I think legendaries are a crucial part of pokemon and that's a shame to waste.

I don't use kyurem, however. But that's purely because I don't like it.


I usually catch them, train them up, and use the heck out of them like any other pokemon I like. Doubley so if I SR a shiny one.


Pokemon Collector
Nope, I keep em as trophies.

Although I felt obligated to use Reshiram against N's Zekrom....