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Do you respect people with tattoos?


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Wow, what the heck is this.. of course I respect people the same way if they had or hadn't had a tattoo O_O


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If theyre tattoo has meaning, I respect them. If its just dumb, I just judge them


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It doesn't change my impression on people, unless I personally know them. If I don't think they would, but they do, I just am surprised. I plan on getting a tattoo. I'll be getting the Airforce logo on my left shoulder, when I join. And then a wire circling down my arm from my right bicep down to my wrist, with a crosses for the barbs.

Sinnoh Ash

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If the tattoo has a meaning then I don't lose respect for them but I don't gain any kind of respect for them either if it doesn't have a meaning it's just stupid.

Plus, I wouldn't respect them if they brag about their tattoo.

Either way I dislike tattoos&I will never get one.

Finally, I respect people for who they are not for trying to be someone they are not.
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Maybe for me it hasn't got anything to do w/ respect. I respect a person for being her/himself.
I like to see someone who has tattoo(s) that suit him/her.



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oh blegh. lol. I myself will never get one, It DOES make me worry about them, but that's natural considering I don't really like tattoo's. That doesn't mean I go up to them and tell it to there face. Gezz, I can still respect someone...lol

Really though, its weird to me, but its not something I have anything really against. It's pretty stupid in my opinion to hold something like that against someone and base your opinion off of it...

Oh well. xD

Lethal Llama

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I personally dislike tattoos and never see myself getting one.
However I have completely equal respect for most people with tattoos. But people who are inked all over are a little silly in my opinion, but I will still treat them equally. I just won't take any appearance advice from them :D


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I do kind of respect people who get tattoos because they are able to sit through the whole process and not stop midway, I do want to get a tattoo in the future, I may get a dragon on my back


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I dont think its smart to get tattos or piercings. I dont know why you'd want to either. I wouldnt think different of someone if they had a tattoo though.


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I don't dis/respect people based on if they've got tattoos or not. If I want to disrespect them it's because they're idiots and have hideous personalities. I have plenty of friends that have tattoos and my boyfriend has four of them. I wouldn't get one myself though, I'm far too indecisive to want one.


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If I know them, then yes I still respect them, but I find depending on the tat it might be intimidating and I may try to remove attention from myself if I don't know them
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I don't care... o_O I'll respect anyone as long they're kind and compassionate.

Althouuugh if I was an employer, I'd definitely avoid hiring anyone with offensive tattoos that are clearly visible. If they're capable of hiding them though then yeah, I don't care.
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I don't see how tattoos or other body markings should affect my respect for a person. I'd rather get to know them first, & I'd probly end up liking them anyway. That said, if the tattoo was really boss looking I may ask them where they got it/what the meaning of it was. A thing like that, tends to be a good ice-breaker. If the person seems they do not want to talk about it fine, change the subject.

Armando Payne

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Well only if I get to know them, like if it's just tattoos and just tattoos then no, but if I get to know them then 50% no, yanno?


I don't think differently about people with tattoos and sometimes they have a deep meaning. I myself am against getting them, but its the person's choice to get one. Just the same as choosing to wear contacts or a red shirt over a blue one. As cliche as it sounds, I don't judge a book by its cover.