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Do you respect people with tattoos?


If it is literally full body? No. If they have a few? Yes.

If they have enough tatoos that some people will call them "the guy with tatoos" thats too much.


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Tattoos are gross thats why i don't respect people with tattoos especially if they have tattoos all over there body


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Tattoos are gross thats why i don't respect people with tattoos especially if they have tattoos all over there body

What about people with religious tattoos that are dedicated to their beliefs? Or people with a tattoo of a family member's name? Are those gross too? Just because someone has a tattoo doesn't mean they don't deserve respect as fellow human beings. Judging someone just because they have a tattoo is no different than judging someone because of their race, religion, hair color, or even the clothes they wear.


I like being nice!
Any tattoos are gross I don't know how people respect people with tattoos and i bet blaze boy probably agrees with me right about now


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Any tattoos are gross I don't know how people respect people with tattoos and i bet blaze boy probably agrees with me right about now

What is so gross about a tattoo that makes a person with one undeserving of respect? Even if that person has a good heart, is always helping people and is generally respectful of other people, they shouldn't be respected just because they have a tattoo? I'd much rather be friends with a nice person with tattoos than a jerk without them.


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Do I respect people with tattoos? Considering that I have two of them, I don't condemn others who have tattoos, but my respect for someone isn't predicated on the ink that they have, unless it's something stupid like a swastika or a penis for example. As for people who judge those with tattoos, it's just laughable. I expect it from older generations, but from people young enough to still appreciate Pokemon is quite odd. Just to clarify that last bit, I'm 22 and still like Pokemon, but it's funny how we can be judged for liking what's considered to be aimed at children (Pokemon for the slow kids out there), yet the people receiving judgement for that still judge those with tattoos.


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They don't deserve any more or less respect, while I personally hate tattoos it shouldn't make me respect people any more or less.


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Well, I have a tattoo so I'm probably "biased" anyway... But whether or not someone has a tattoo doesn't change how I perceive them.


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I generally don't see anything wrong with people having a tattoo, even though I don't ever want to have one on myself. The only way I would really disrespect someone with tattoos is if those tattoos are really offensive or explicit in nature. It just makes the person seem immature or perverted. I'm also a little concerned with people who have tattoos all over their body, as there are health risks associated with that, but then again, I would say the same thing about that as I would about a heavy tobacco smoker: it's their life and their body, so it's their loss and not my problem.


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I have tattoos that mean something to me personally. I think a person should be respected for their personality and their actions. Not they way they portray things. It's your opinion, but just because I have two small tattoos, that doesn't make me a bad/horrible/irresponsible/etc type person.


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Well I don't respect anybody or anything unless they give me a reason to. So I don't respect people just because they have tattoos but I also don't not respect them either. I mean why would anybody not respect someone for something as trivial as a tattoo anyway(minus offensive tattoos)?


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I respect everybody, but I find it annoying when they want to explain everything about the tats they have. It's like Damn ok I don't want to know that!


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If by respect you mean to be courteous to, yeah. I try to with everyone.
If by respect you mean look up to, then no, unless they do something that earns that.

So basically I try to treat them the same as every other person. I might question their judgment if the tattoo is stupid or a tramp stamp, but otherwise I try to be open-minded.


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I think it's stupid if people outright say they won't respect someone with tattoos. Since when is respect dished out solely on appearances? I think some people need to go and learn what respect actually is! As for my own opinion, I don't actually like tattoos but I don't judge others for getting them, regardless of the quantity they may have.
Not at all... nothing wrong with it but I personally think it is stupid and not very well thought out for the long run.


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For the record, you don't have to agree with or even like tattoos to respect someone with them as fellow human beings. That's the concern here. I don't have any tattoos at the moment, though I have thought about it and might get a few someday. But would I no longer deserve general respect as a living person JUST because I got a tattoo? I surely hope not. I've met plenty of nice people with tattoos and know plenty of jerks without tattoos. Look at a person's heart, not their skin.