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Do you respect people with tattoos?

Of course I respect them. Heck I'm planning to get one myself next year, so it'd be weird if I didn't.


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Let's put it this way: someone's having a tattoo, or many tattoos, doesn't affect how much I do or don't respect them for other reasons.


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Well, I wouldn't say I respect them BECAUSE they have tattoos, but I don't DISRESPECT someone because they have tattoos. It depends on the person. A lot of tattooed people I've met are actually really cool and nice.


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Yes, I respect people simply because they "put that black ( or colorful as I've seen in some cases ) ink on their body".

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I don't judge by tattoos, actually I try my best not to judge anyone, it's a bit hard at time but I just don't think we have a right to be judgmental just because they have a tattoo. And I might find some attractive on females, and badass on males depending on what sort of tattoos they are.

I think if you want respect, you need to earn it. Yes I follow the way that older people say (HOWEVER! These same older people who say the exact same thing, needs to do what they preach. If they want my respect, be 20 or 60 then you need to earn it, you can't just automatically expect someone to respect you just because you are older then them, if I see you being disrespectful or an ***, then I will not respect you. That's a very annoying thing to do, they come out as hypocrites.


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my dad has a few, and i quite like tattoos.

i don't automatically respect them for most reasons, but i do for the pain they went through.

i would get one if i didn't have vaso vago syncopy >.>
I do. Unless its some stupid shit like yolo or something on their neck, or if it wasn't a drunk tattoo.

If it's a design that's easy to conceal, sure, I like it.


I'll respect a tattoo as long as it's meaningful. Not something dtupid. I'd personally like to get one myself


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Well it depends what the tattoos are, why they got them, etc... I know a few dumbasses that got tattoos when they were high, one got his sisters names, another got a "thug life" (jackass), and another got a YOLO. Safe to say I lost respect for them.

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I have a tattoo myself so it would be weird to say I don't respect them.

I'm nice enough to give people chances, even if they have really stupid tattoos. They have learned their lesson from when they got it. I'll judge people for who they are, not what they put on their body.


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On the one hand, yes, and fuck you if you don't (speaking in terms of "Can I trust a person with tatoos/should they be employable?").

On the other hand, I'd be lying if I said my reaction wasn't situational. But the same can be said about anything relating to appearances; hair, clothes, facial hair, etc.

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Yes, I don't have a problem with them.