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Do you still like 4th Generation games?


Pokemon Idol
Yeah, I still enjoy them! Soul Silver and Platinum more so than my Pearl. I had some issues with Pearl due to various things, but I still enjoyed it. And Platinum pretty much fixed all the issues I had with the first game, so now I can't even complain.

Of all the 4th Generation games though, I play Soul Silver the most. How could I not enjoy a remake of the games that got me hooked to begin with :)


It needs a fence.
4th gen. holds SO many memories, of course I like it. Platinum, Pearl, and Heart Gold remind me of the good ol' times, even if I don't play them as much.

Besides, the PMD for gen. 5 hasn't come out yet, but I think that I'll continue to play EoS due to the amount of Pokemon you can play as.


Well-Known Member
Yeah. Played a good couple of hours on SoulSilver this morning. To be honest, I prefer it to White. Got a bit bored of Pearl and Platinum these days though