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Do you still like 4th Generation games?


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I like all games, but 4th generation isnt my favourite

the 2nd one is because the crystal game was so cool


4th Gen. Dragon '88
SoulSilver is my favourite Pokemon game, so... ;]

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I liked HG/SS but I can't get into D/P/P anymore


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I have only played hg and my first playthroug brought back alot of memories, and against all I stand for wich are grass types I am about to do a fire mono type run. As for Platinum I want to buy it but it's still to expensive
I love the 4th gen games but i can't beat the elite 4 in platinum. I own HG and i love it !


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Yes, I do still like them. I think they offer a lot more than BW do at the moment, although I'm sure that'll change once some more main game entries are made to Gen V. Gen IV hasn't been gone for long enough to be considered old or forgettable.


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Diamond was my least favorite Pokemon game I've played. HeartGold is excellent though.


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Platinum and HeartGold are the best. <3

Platinum because it was just new and amazing with its set of Pokemon.
HeartGold because of the memories it brought back to me. Back to where it all started. The good ole days.


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Yeah, I still play SS, mainly for dex data/breeding egg moves and trading to White.
On the other hand, I still love playing the games, I recently got a second SS so I could play through one and keep all me good pokes on the other. I love playing all the games, even yellow sometimes.


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I still love the 4th gen games. I'm replaying HeartGold now, and next I'll play Platinum. I do prefer the 5th gen games so far, though (except for the lack of Battle Frontier and Contests, but I live)

It might be worth mentioning that over here in Australia, the 4th gen games are still at around full price. XD

Squiddly Dee

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I still love the 4th gen games, and I am still playing them. :)


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I Love Heartgold and Pearl brought me back to Pokemon after a slightly disappointing (imo) gen 3.

edit:by disappointing I'm referring to R/S/E...I really liked Leafgreen but didn't play it until after 4th gen came out.
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yes, I do. Pearl was my first ever game and is still my favorite. I'm currently trying to see all the pokemon in the game, and it's a slow process, but I will not give up.


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Yes. All my goodies are on my Platinum so...
And HG is the best of the games, in my opinion


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I like pretty much all the games. Playing through SoulSilver at the moment for the second time. Hopefully I'll beat Red this time, in my first playthrough I made a new team for Kanto, which was great fun to do but meant I didn't have the levels to compete with Red without doing a load of grinding.

I lost my PokeWalker though :-(

Platinum I'm not so keen to restart. I'm minded to get Diamond or Pearl, both for the differences and to tweak for Darkrai.