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Do you still like 4th Generation games?


♥Heart of Ice♥
I still like gen4 games, soulsilver is my favorite <3


Shiny hunter :)
I like fourth gen better then fifth, actually. fifth was great, but memories from HG and Platinum (from gold and diamond) are irriplacable.hours on planes to alabama training garchomps, days training for red...never gonna be replaced. White and Black are epic, I do agree, but yeah. I love gen 4. :) replaying hg and plat actually atm!!


To the Power of 27
I like the Jhoto remakes, but thats about it. D/P/Pt felt really weak to the series and I thought it wasn't as fun as it could of been. I never had to grind, never had to really think. I just went through and knew what I had to do.

At least in B/W it challenged you.


Shorts Boy- my hero!
Yup, Platinum is still the main game I play. Frontier, Contests, and completing the dex. Plus my favorite team is on there.

I still play around with HGSS as well, since I haven't finished either game.
I love all the 4th gen games and they were countless hours of entertainment but i still love 5th gen more.


Skitty Chaser
I still like the 4th Gen games, although I haven't been playing them as much recently. I have Platinum and HeartGold, and they both have unique features that Black and White do not have. I still like chaining for Shinies in Platinum, and HeartGold is still the most enjoyable (to me) to play through story-wise.

HeartGold and SoulSilver are actually selling for more than Black and White in the stores here, so I think it'll be a while before they enter the bargain bin. (Pearl and Diamond are another story, though; I haven't even seen them in stores for at least a year).


Back in the meantime
Of course, it's still not considered as old and besides I still love them. Some of my fave Pokes are from the 4th gen.


<-- 200 Re's 11/2/12
I wasn't suberbly fond of the 4th generation. I own Diamond I believe and I played it for a bit, but I prefer MetalGen + 3rd Gen :).

The best part about the 4th gen was definatly the GTS. Wonderfull invention :)


Well-Known Member
I sure do! I've been playing my HeartGold Version for a while now! Today is Day 294 of my HeartGold Walkthrough ! So, that's 294 days in a row for me with playing my HeartGold Version ! :D

I have Pearl Version and Platinum Versio too for the Main Series Games for 4th Generation , but I haven't played each one in a while. :( Maybe I will start playing them both again soon! :D

I still love my three 4th Generation Main Series Pokemon Games ! And I think that it shows just from my HeartGold Version Walkthrough ! I've also played my Pearl Version and my Platinum Version a lot, but not quite as much as I have played my HeartGold Version , though, I think. :p :)


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definetely still play just unlocked regigigigas on platinum
i just went and bought pearl myself so its new to me so far i like it but having problems with the gts no 1 wants to have an acual trade so no spiritomb cranidos dialga turtwig or chimchar or stunky


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OMG YES! Pearl was my very first Pokémon game, and I still play on that file all the time. My very first Pokémon was Chimchar, and I will never delete that file or transfer him to the Gen V. The memories... :}


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I still love the 4th gen games, in fact they're the best for me alongside gen 3. Platinum and HG are the games I play the most.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
I love the fourth generation games. I haven't personally held any of the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum games, but I watched a Let's Play on YouTube for Platinum, and I loved the story and how Team Galactic was portrayed. And of course, HeartGold/SoulSilver have to be the best remakes so far.

Another reason for liking them is they were the first Pokémon games to use 3D models. What's not cool about that? I think Diamond and Pearl were the first Nintendo games to do that (as a test, it explains the errors), though I might be wrong.
Pearl is my favorite pokemon game, It was the first one that I actually went out to buy; the only thing I don't like about it is that sinnoh dex is a bit more limited in that game then in platinum.