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Do you still like 4th Generation games?


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Pokemon Platnum is in my top 3 games. Only behind Pokemon White.


not the color
I actually just played through all of my 4th gen games today. I still really enjoy Diamond, and Sinnoh is still my favorite region of all time (although, Johto is pretty awesome, too).


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Yes, I love the 4th Generation! HGSS is my favorite game and Platinum is definitely up there! They're fun games with really great stories.

Kurloz Makara

Red Death
I still love 4th Gen, on account it's the Gen that has Darkrai in it. Plus, DPPt had the best story second to B&W. ^_^

Shadow XD001

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I like the 4th Gen games. HGSS is probably my second favorite Pokémon game (first is Emerald) and than Platinum is up there too.

Dr. Leggs

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Just picked up my Platinum and SoulSilver in the last week and started new games on both of them, and remembered that I really do adore Gen IV. Looking forward to playing through again with these two new teams.


Kid with Pantz
4th Gen is Still Fly, Breh

I loved it when they remade 2nd Gen's Gold and Silver and turned turned it into a 4th Gen game, Heart Gold and Soul Silver. An incredible game, it was. A somewhat closely related story compared to the original was something cool, and allowing us to go back into Kanto like they did, and adding extras such as Kanto and Johto set of starters. Also, it was very enjoyable having our friends follow us throughout the journey.


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I still really love HGSS, recently restarted my SoulSilver and it's just awesome.

Gold and Silver were always my favourite games so I was really glad when they came out with the remakes


aka Lamia
I still love HG/SS, although I think that's only because it's a remake of G/S/C. I would probably not be able to play through D/P/Pt again as those games generally bored me.


The Shiny Latios
4th Generation games are old now, and they're pretty soon going to be found in stores in the bargain bins for 10$, if they're not already. What I'm intending to say is that they are essentially "yesterday's news".

Personally I still find these games to be really fun, and, not to start any flame wars, better than the newer ones. Surely I'm not the only one.

So? Do you still like the 4th Gen games?

I for one have always loved the older games, no matter how much they differ from each other.


Maiden of the forest
I definitely love 4th Gen. D/P/Pt is awesome, and HG/SS is awesome as well.

At first I was worried about HG/SS, because I was like "OH GOD PLEASE DON'T RUIN G/S/C FOR ME," but IMO it's just as good as the originals (and some of the new song remixes are just...socoolman.)

Dawn and Piplup

Piplup+Pikachu Fan
I loved 4th generation games! They were and still are the most awesome video games I have played so far. I have played them many times and I am still not bored of them! I loved (almost) everything about 4th generation.

Hikari Paradise

Forever Alone
Platinum is tied with Red and Blue as my favorite Pokemon game. BW already bores me and the only reason I still play it is for EV training and completing my dex. I would still rather play through Platinum 10 times over than play BW once through.

Summer of the Vulpix

Go with the Flow
I didn't play BW, and really dont plan to, everything just seems so "meh" compared to my heartgold, I love it to much! xD


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There still fun, I mean heck I'm replaying Platinum to raid more of it's legends and other goodies, before I call it quits for good and it sits in my self to gather dust. I normaly play all my poke games twice before putting them away. You can't have too many legendary copies ^^ Plus some of my legends have bad natures do to me not understanding the whole nature thing back then. But first play though is serioues, then second playthrough I throw back in my strongest pokes from the next gen and make the quickest playthrough I can and then rip all the rare items and legends for my collection.


Canadian Bacon
For me it goes: Gen IV > Gen III = Gen I > Gen II > Gen V

I loved the GS remakes, I started my SS over again a few months ago and already have 110 hours on it. Platinum is also really good, I think I'm going to replay that one soon, too. I loved Gen III, it only slightly trails behind Gen IV for me. Then Gen I; where it all started. Despite the games underlying flaws, it was and is an amazing game (especially for it's time). Not to mention the nostalgia factor :p Gen II used to be my favorite - until I replayed it. I still liked it, but after replaying it following SoulSilver, it just wasn't the same. Still awesome, of course. And then... then we have Gen V. I just didn't like it. I still beat it, and pumped several hours into it, but I quickly became bored of it and I honestly don't like the new visuals. That, and there were very few new Poke's that the generation presented us with that appealed to me; probably 10-15 or so.

That's my opinion, at least.


J.J. Swatt
Obviously, heartgold, Soul sivler is far surperior to black and white

Obviously not.

Personally, fourth gen are my least favorite games. Heartgold and Soulsilver are pretty good, but I can't ever seem to play D/P/Pt. When I try to play it, I end up playing it for five minutes and then I'll quit. I also didn't like the Pokemon designs. Most of the designs I like are evolutions of older Pokemon. Personally, gen 5 is my favorite, and gen 4 would be my least favorite.


Armored Legend
The 4th generation holds a lot of my good memories (it was my 2nd version game I owned). I enjoyed the overall story and the aspects of the region (mountains, cold climate, muddy routes, etc). I enjoyed playing through with my team of Torterra, Staraptor, Luxray, Gastrodon, HM slave Buneary, and later on, Palkia. lol

I also EV trained/retrained many pokemon (so many hours)