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Do you still like 4th Generation games?


Shiny Hunter
HG and SS are my favourite pokemon games. Not a massive fan of Sinnoh, but I'm still quite happy to play it.

Aura Sensei™

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Definetly,I have all of those games.Platinum,Pearl,Diamond,HeartGold,SoulSilver... I think they are much better than the 5th Gen. games anyways.


Cat Food
Yeah, I still like my Diamond. This was my first Pokemon game.
So many memories.


Well-Known Member
Indeed I do! Platinum is really one of the greater pokémon games in my oppinion. It has got a good storyline and many things to do after you've cleared the Elite Four. I love Emerald to bits and I really like Heartgold, Black and such but Platinum just seem to be my "home base". I store most of my pokemon here and also does most of my EV training in this game. Platinum also has one of the best biking roads when hatching eggs (although Heartgold exceeds in egg hatching because of the mechanics of the power items) and there's a good spot for farming money (outside the Mansion below Hearthome city).


I'm hungry
I completely skipped Diamond/ pearl/ platinum, not by choice but because I didn't have enough money, however HG and SS have been my favorites. I was going to buy Platinum but went to Wal-Mart they only had soulsilver, but I do plan on buying them, I guess I have to go to gamestop.

John Wallrein

I am the walrein
I still like 4th gen alot. Probably better than 5th gen. HG/SS will always be one of my favorite games.


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HeartGold and Soulsilver are hands down my favourite pokemon games, I was constantly hyped for a solid 10 months from first finding out about them until they were released... haha

Pkmn Breeder Jack

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Yeah, SoulSilver is probably my favorite game. I don't ever play it anymore though, just because I prefer the BW graphics far more and going back to play 4th gen feels way tool flat for me.


When I got the games, I thought they were awesome. Completed Diamond, Platinum was released. Completed Platinum, moved on. Then as I wasn't playing them, I grew to dislike them, bit by bit. But a few days ago I restarted my game on Platinum and I'm loving it since.


The Shining Shinx
I love all the generations, personally. Pokemon never gets old, really. :)


Yeah, none of the Pokemon games get old for me, really. Especially not 4th gen. I still play on Soul Silver and Heart Gold (moreso than Black version, actually). And I recently restarted my Platinum to start a Monotype Challenge, so that game has become an interest again too~ ^w^