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Do you still like 4th Generation games?


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I play them more than the 5th gen games, that's for sure.

I'm also more familiar with the Pokemon, so playing it is easier, too.

I don't know, I kinda like both.

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i think gen iv is good so far but i think it mainly is because there is already a main duo set, a revamp and remakes to top it off so you have a lot variety to choose from. Gen V only has BW with BW2 coming out and we won't know if remakes are in store so GenV is heavily limited compared to Gen IV imo


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Yes I do still like it.

In fact I am playing through one of my Platinums atm.

I have been playing the last three games in a cycle of Black --> Platinum --> HeartGold --> Black.. etc because it was getting boring playing Black back to back with a new team right away. Plus I had many good 4th generation level 1 pokemon I wanted to use on teams so I've been able to do that with 2 Platinum teams and a HG team in the meantime of 3 Black games.

It is also cool that I can then transfer the Platinum/HG team to my main 5th generation game [White] and finish leveling them up there and give them the updated [if anything needed to be updated] move sets. It's also nice to see them in the new settings facing new challengers.

I rambled on too much but yeah basically I like the 4th generation games still and with my cycle I don't think I will get bored of a single Pokemon game for a while.


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Platinum was totally worth it, better than DP anyway. They got that annoying Surf speed fixed. I thought it was a good game overall, though. The same goes for Soul Silver. It was a pretty good remake, better than FRLG were. Although I do like FRLG because they added the Sevi Islands, you can't go wrong with Johto.

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The Fourth gen will always be my favourite, no matter what people say... My first Pokemon game was either EOT or Diamond, but either way, I grew up with 493 existing Pokemon...​


Because I'm Happy.
I still do like and play the 4th gen games, I'm currently working on completing my Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time.
The 4th gen games are a bit more challenging then the 5th gen games IMO.


Yes, I still do like them. I remember when I first saw the commercial for D/P, I was pretty hooked and excited to get my hands on it. Once I did, I played it for a whole week straight. Nothing else. Soon, Plt came and I also loved that one. It had awesome features but I guess 5th gen stepped up their game. Anyhow, like you said, its still fun to play.


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The elite four is the game in a nut shell, it sounds like a great idea, poorly executed. All you need is a high leveled gyarados and it's easy day.


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I still like them, I play Platinum and SoulSilver alot


Since it was the first pokemon game to come onto the Two-Screen Platform. It was decent. But since then, Black and White came out and it's graphics were much, much better. I played platinum a couple of days ago, and it was awkward. I prefer the graphics of the original games over D/P/PT. Sorry for offending anyone, its my opinion. The games were good while they weren't outshone. But sadly BW came out. Let's see if BW2 can fully make D/P/PT kick the can.


Considering this is my first time playing a pokemon game past 2nd gen, I'd have to say it is pretty cool. I'm not used to this whole thing yet xD


Yep i still liked the 4th gen games i finally decide to re-buy Diamond to play all over again since i got a 3DS and i finally got back into pokemon for like the 3rd time after quitting over a year ago. Its something to do before B/W 2 comes out and doing the cycle once again.

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I'm always playing Heartgold, so much better than B/W

Kall El

Of course, Platinum and HGSS were great games and still hold well today even in the 5th Gen era.
Infact I've just recently started playing through my HG again.
And I also purchased a new Sapphire Version.
Prev Games never get old, well 3rd Gen onwards that is..