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Do you still plan to Catch Em All?


The Moral Aethiest
I did it in Blue when I was 7 (accomplishment that defined my childhood) and I'll do it again in White. Not in the 4th gen however

Marbi Z

No, I've started focusing more on competitive battling (and catching my faves).
Me to! Cause even if I cought em all... I wouldn't know what to do with em all...


Pokemon master
Nope. Some Pokemon are just not worth my time to be tracked down and captured. Not only it's a tedious procedure, but I just don't like every Pokemon out there. I only catch and nurture the ones I like/prefer. On most occasions, I only captured around 20 something Pokemon in a given game.

Sapphire Kirby

Evaluation time!
I'll still try to catch them all, but I'll take my time. I caught a majority of the national dex in a year for Pearl, and that left with 3 years of spare time, just training my favorites. As I'll have at least 4 years until the next gen., I will just catch who I want when I want, and maybe start competetive battling for the first time.


You will evolve too!
Are we talking about capturing Pokemon or just getting their data on Pokedex? I tried to catch every single Pokemon in the original Gold version but you know, things were difficult at time, i had no internet access to know what is going on and Selebi was kinda hard to find.

Anyway, no i'm not interested in catching every single Pokemon there is because i don't want to have filled PC boxes of unused Pokemon, it makes me feel guilty XD Besides, i am that person that would want to train every sinle one of them and that would take a lot of time! Especially if it was for competitive battling... I do try however to fill my Pokedex by trading Pokemon for their data.


Speedrun Champion
I've caught them all in HGSS, so all I'll be needing to do is PokéShift then catch the 156 newbies.

Mr. E Goods

Gone for good
I caught them all in Emerald, but since then I haven't been bothered. I might try to in BW.


Master Collector
Most definitely that is actually my main goal in the games, more so than battling

I did it for the first time in Soulsilver since way back in Red simply as it was quite easy to do it this time especially with the start of Gen IV and all of the events


I might try to complete it like in all my pokemon games but I will probably fail. I usually catch my favorites.

Red Raichu Returns

Raichu Enthusiast
After the rise of competative battling that became obsolete, or atleast to me it did.


Well-Known Member
No no no no. I gave that up a long time ago. It's a waste of time, I just try enjoy the game, catch my favourites get to the end. I took the challenge in generation 1 and I don't plan on doing it for any of the later generations.

Besides, I don't have a wireless connection. Can't trade online. One time I did try when I had wireless access it wouldn't let me connect anyway.

Kurloz Makara

Red Death
I plan to, somehow. :D


hmm hmm. well i think is gotta get them all from trade. yup i can't catch all of them!

even so i only play because of the interesting movesets, not the appearance of pokemon.


Active Member
Short answer: YES!

My Heart Gold national Pokédex is almost complete; I have less than sixteen to go. I plan on using it to help complete the White national Pokédex.


formerly R. New
I already caught them all in Diamond and have at least one of every Pokémon in my PC ^_^ It'll make catching them all in Gen 5 much easier as well, since anything I need but can't get can just be transferred, or be used to breed Pokémon for transfer.
Off-topic: didn't they drop the slogan "Gotta Catch em all" because it kinda became impossible to catch them all u know due to events.
No surprise there.
It seems kind of pointless to have a slogan that says you can "Catch 'em All" and then they go and put some Pokemon in that can only be obtained through events. What if your the type that can't be bothered to download these events?

No, I never really planned on "Catching them all". I'll see how close I can get to having at least one of every Pokemon. And I don't get them all, I don't get them all. Doesn't matter to me one way or the other.


Warrior of Time
In the immortal words of the Terran Firebat...


Now, for my own words. What else can you do post-game? Restarting's no fun, and if you only have the one cartridge, you can't back your favorites up. If you aren't really into competitive battling, that's all that remains.


Quiver Dance=Success
Yep, this is one of my main targets every generation. I managed it in Blue, except Mew, after finding someone with a Red cartridge (possibly one of the happiest days of my childhood). In Silver, I could have done, but restarted too often xD In Emerald, I almost did, besides I think, Glalie and Walrein, as I couldn't be bothered to level them up, and Deoxys and Jirachi.
Finally, in HG this summer, I managed to complete my pokedex! As my main game, I already had a lot of the pokedex filled from trades from Diamond and Platinum. Witrh access to wifi and the trade thread in these forums, it was actually fairly easy. Last one I caught was Spiritomb, after spending months getting enough watts on the pokewalker :D
I really still think it is the staple of the series, or at least is what most people will remember it for - only hardcore fans get into competitive battling, and training pokemon to be viable for online play is a lot more complicated and difficult than completing the pokemon, a mon avis.
Well, I will have them all. However I will not recatch pokemon. It is going to be much pokeshifting. I feel that I have to complete the national dex atleast once per generation.
I have them all and i feel the same i almost cried out of joy(not really) when i completed my first pokedex ever!(i got 384 in ruby... damn events and johto pkmn!) The weirdest thing about my first pokedex completed is that i completed it in SS, whats weird? The weird thing is i never played original gold/silver!