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Do you still plan to Catch Em All?

Defiently! I'm soooo gonna catch ''em all n_n Well actually I'm just gonna fill my pokedex with 'em all. Not neccersarilly (fail spell) have them dust up in my PC box. My goal is to complete the national dex in heartgold before black n white comes out. I'm at 401 right now n_n


G-Rank Hunter
Damn, I will Just have completed my National Dex In SS,PL,P and D by the time B+W come out T_T

but i'm up for it again..


Dark Trainer
I caught them all (except Jirachi and Deoxys) in Ruby (3rd gen!). That's the end of that for me, as I only have one DS and no DS wi-fi.
hey same here!
ive done it once and thats enough so no i dont think im going to bother catching them all in black and white. i only like catching pokemon that i want now.
but then again if i get bored and want something to do then maybe ill start catching all the pokemon. it really depends on the mood im in :p


I'm gonna miss my boi Deoxys...
I'll try to catch all of them when I have nothing else to do. That's what happened in soul silver. now it's 493 and 493 :D


Do you still plan to Catch Em All?
I plan on collecting them all, yes. I know there are tons of Pokemon now, but I'm still up to the task of collecing all 600+ Pocket Monsters. I managed to collect 493 Pokemon in HeartGold a while ago, and it only took me about 2 weeks (and that's because I went slowly). The only Pokemon that are hard to find are the Pokemon like Mew and Celebi. While you can always trade for them, some may be hacked so I'm always careful about who I trade with. Once you get the rare Legendary Pokemon, all the rest are a piece of cake to find.


Well-Known Member
Yes, I'm gonna catch them all in the Unova region. Once I finish the National Dex in Heartgold first.


What do I put here?
I never tried to catch every Pokémon since it always seemed like such a waste of time. The only thing I ever tried to do was to beat the Champion and the Battle Frontier. Considering that I'm not planning to buy the newest set of games, I probably will continue not catching them all.


Well-Known Member
Probably, if I have the time.
over 600 does seem like a little much, but I'm up for the challenge as of now.


♥Heart of Ice♥
Probably not....lol we are looking at a humongo amount of pokemon now, I am just playing the games out of fun not to catch them all.

Ace Trainer Alex

wants to fight!
Indeed I do plan to catch them all. I ALMOST have them all on Pearl. Won't be too hard to transfer them over to White version (when I get it). Then just gotta add in the Unova pokemon.


Fighting Type Prof.
I've not been able to do it since Blue version.

I hope I can do it again this gen with Black and White. I can actually make it to events now, and I plan on buying another DS so I can pokeshift. Woo!



Well-Known Member
On Pearl I only need 30 more which i have no way of getting without internet, when I get White I will try to complete the Pokedex


The DNA Master
I have all 491 Pokemon, but Im missing Celebi and Darkrai. So yeah, Im still going to keep it up. Ive been around since the beginning, so what point is there in quitting?


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I never even completed the pokedex in blue and red. ;_; *fail*

I would if I could, but if I don't have any rare pokemon, how am I supposed to trade for the event only? I have nothing to offer they couldn't do themselves. :p


True Love Never Dies
I'd love to, but I never can. Either because I don't want to when I think about, am too lazy, or couldn't at the time. Now, I think I can, so I might try. in my SS I have a fairly empty Pokedex, mostly because I train the ones I catch to Lv 70 or higher. Training is kinda hard in SS, so it's a complication. But in B&W I might go for it. ;)


I like bacon!
Yeah! This time I'm going to complete the National Dex. The last time I completed the National Dex was in FireRed, I never completed the Dex in any other games dunno why.
For 4th gen I'm still missing about 90 or so.


Smart Cookie
No, not really. There are too many Pokémon, including starters and version exclusives and events that are hard to get. There are some Pokémon that I don't really like anyways. Instead of using up all my box space getting them, I'd rather just get the ones I do like and train them instead.