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Do you still plan to Catch Em All?

Legendary Dreams

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I'm one of those epic-fail people who never completed the Pokedex when there were only 151 species. No events, nothing around my area, no additional Game Boy, no Link Cables, no... everything. So I just stuck with simplicity and played the games.

I'm planning to get B/W (Actually only W) and then if I can link up to WiFi/Global Link/Dream World and meet people, for once, for once... maybe I can complete the Regional Dex. 646 (+3) is too much at one go, so I'll try to complete the IsshuDex/UnovaDex. Then get every other Gen Pokemon I can from Dream World, and that would be probably my highest achievement.

I'm pondering whether to trouble my cousin (Who has Diamond/Pearl) to transfer my 3rd Gen Games to my 5th Gen ones. I do, after all, left a legacy of a nearly perfect IV and EV trained Kyogre, which I can run solo runs in the LG Elite Four with.


Dragonite Fan
I don't plan on catching 'em all, rather I'm just going to catch the Pokemon that would look like fun to have on my team at the time, and of course there's going to be the inevitable "Hey, why not" catches as well.
No, I know about the phrase, but I don't pay it any attention. All I do on my games after I defeat the elite 4, (And one all the ranks in the contest halls if they have any,) is train my top team, and then train another team.


The Awesomest
I focus more on getting lots of pokemon to lvl100. Also I try to see all pokemon (which is pretty easy) but I don't really ever try to catch them all.


Eye in the Sky
No. I never really made an effort to catch them all. I only catch pokemon that I like using or find useful for my team.


Fear the Deer
Actually, barring Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genosect, I am very close to catching them all.


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I usually complete the dex in one version of the game and the other versions I don't even bother. Sometimes I wish there was something more rewarding in the game in completing the dex besides a Diploma.


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I usually complete the dex in one version of the game and the other versions I don't even bother. Sometimes I wish there was something more rewarding in the game in completing the dex besides a Diploma.
Like what? The most rewarding thing you can get in pokemon, IS a pokemon, and when you have them all, it won't make much difference.

And if it WAS something big, it would be extremely frustrating to HAVE to capture every pokemon to get it.

I just find that, for anybody who actually enjoys catching all of them, the diploma is worth it, but for those who feel they have to get it to prove something, it is pretty worthless.


Shiny Collector
Yes I plan to catch them all. I am very close now. Have 311/493 (Full Kanto and Johto Dex's complete) (obtained in SS). In my platinum I have seen all the Sinho and almost all the Hoenn pokemon (found out for the star needed to capture them :p).
I've captured them all (minus Deoxys) in HeartGold. It was the first time I'd ever attempted to fill the National Dex, so I felt accomplished. It may be tedious, but as I'm not a competitive battler, it gives me something to do post-game. I'll probably do the same in my White version once it comes out in the US, but I'll be doing a lot of Pokéshifting in order to complete it.


Still In Kanto
I'll plan on catching them all once I get around to doing some more breeding and RNG'ing. Whether it happens or not is a different story.


My brother has completed the Pokedex in Red and Yellow, years ago, like back in 1999. I completed it in Gold a few years ago. Every Pokemon was legit except for Celebi and Blissey, those two required a Gameshark. I quit playing around when Ruby/Sapphire came out. I began playing again around when HG/SS came out. When I found out all 493 Pokemon were able to be obtained and several of them required an event or Wi-Fi, I gave up the idea of obtaining all Pokemon and completing the National Pokedex. So, I decided I will just complete the Regional Pokedex of each game I play.


A Friendly Rocket
I've never planned on collecting them all and besides there are no events near my area, no wi-fi etc... so I see no point in trying anymore because it's impossible for me! only on my old LG I could get a few Pokemon that aren't available in the wild because my sister had FR and that's the only way! But, I can't get anymore because she's stopped liking Pokemon so I can't trade anymore :(
I've tried to collect as many Pokemon as I can in every game I have but I'll never be able to catch them all.
It would be cool to do so though...


The Champion!
Question Do you still plan to Catch Em All?
Oh Gawd No!
I'd like to meet the person who have caught them all.

Then again, I don't wanna know...

Metagross Guy

ᴸ м f ᴬ σ.
Oh my god..the add ons made it worstt (in terms of catching all)

It was my dream once but in the new B&W versions its merely only a dream and not more.

Dr. Leggs

Astral Cowboy
Only recently in my SoulSilver/Platinum did I really decide to do that. Since I don't have my Gameboy anymore, and I never had people to trade with, it was a terribly difficult goal to accomplish in Gen III and before. But with the advent of Wi-Fi and the GTS I've gotten much more into completing my Pokedex, and I've got 440+ caught on my SS and I hope to have a complete Dex by the time B/W are released (at which point I'll do it all again XD).


....So is it bad to say that since I was four, when I first got my Blue version, I've managed to catch them all? In every game?

I usually leave one game with them all caught, and then screw around and have fun on the other games. I've always felt it incredibly rewarding to have actually owned one of each pokemon. like, I'd own caterpies, metapods, and butterfrees. Not just the final evo.


Its whats for dinner
I only plan on catching the ones I like, the ones I that are good, and the ones that I have to. Honestly, I'm getting disgusting with the number of pokemon they are spilling out now. They are clearly getting less unique and I'm getting bored. I know that Nintendo wants to make money on the Pokemon franchise, but they could do it just as easily by implementing different regions and better games than simply adding Pokemon. For instance, when was the last game with fully revamped 3D Pokemon characters on a home console? Oh yeah thats right NEVER.

No thank you I'll be playing B&W with no more than 12 Pokemon.