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Do you still use your Starter?


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I never ever stop using my starter, in any game for that matter. It's always an integral part of my team.


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I always use my starter. The only game I'm not using it on is ruby.


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In Diamond I still use my Torterrera.
In Pearl I don't use any starter Pokemon after I beaten the Elite 4.
In Platinum I still use my Infernape.
In Soul Sliver I use only Infernape and Swampert after I beaten the Elite 4.
In Heart Gold I use only Sceptile and Charizard after I beaten the Elite 4 and is my most powerful starters in history.


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I kept my starter with me through all the games, except for when I did a run of SoulSilver, and ditched my Cyndaquil in the PC. Then brought it back out, trained for ages, just to beat Jasmine. But I still have my first starter, my Sceptile from Ruby. First pokemonI ever got :3


I always use my starter.I don't even put it in the box.I didn't want to use Tepig on Black but right before the first gym I returned it back to my team.


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On Red, I did! My Blastoise was my favorite, my number one Pokemon. It beat anything and everything with ease.

But in Platinum....ugh, I went with Chimchar for some reason and I just beat the Elite Four and uh, Monferno was not to be seen anywhere near by. It's rotting in a box at level 25 >_>

When I get White, I'm gonna go with Snivy, cause it's sosososo cute, and Serperior is BOSS!!! :D I already know that's gonna be a forever friendship ^-^


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I quit using my B/W starter shortly after beating the E4. I did get him to level 70 I think.

I moved on to previous gen starters :)

Kurloz Makara

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I still use my starters. My team feels empty if I don't have them in there. D:
I keep it with me, but I train other starters at the same time and my Rapidash is wayyyy better that my Meganium!

Shadow XD001

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Yep, I always have my Starter on my team. My Starter is usually one of my highest leveled Pokémon as well.

EDIT: Rank Up!


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I use my starter the first few times I play the game...then I stop using it and try to build a team without it.


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I don't use the starter I originally got from the professor on any of my Gen IV games. I either use a starter Pokemon that I've bred and EV trained or no starter at all if it doesn't fit with my planned team.


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toggles2 loves Empoleon. toggles2 was sad that wee Piplup started evolving but toggles2 considers it natural for them to evolve so allowed it. toggles2 always uses Empoleon. toggles2 was not allowed to get Heart Gold or Soul Silver :( but toggles2 would have got Chikorita though maybe this time toggles2 wouldn't let it evolve ^_^


I usually do, in Diamond i used my Torterra, in Pearl my Infernape, in HGG my Feraligatr and mostly ave before to, but in White I didn´t. Maybe this is the start of a new era! :D


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Yes I have a starter in my party because I feel guilty otherwise :p

In Platinum though I picked Chimchar, stuck him in my pc and asked my sister to breed a Cyndaquil for me to use instead.


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i always use my starter in every version,unless there a lvl 100. i might box it.i also never trade my starter ever,i know its just a game but i just can't do it


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Yeah. For some reason, I always have my starter on my team. Got used to it I guess. I rarely put my starter in the PC.