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Do you think Hunter J was the best villain in Pokemon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by matt0044, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Dr. MECha

    Dr. MECha Prof. of Pokeology

    Cruelest Villan, yes. Most Effective, No.

    She's only a freelance Monster Hunter, and yet she's too reckless to be a sufficent villain. A good villain will cover his/her tracks, strikes them when unexpected, Never been foiled in till the very end, and thus remain hidden in the shadows. Hunter J just goes around on some sort of killing spree wherever she goes, and because of that she got foiled by Ash (somewhat) and got killed (face it, SHE'S NEVER COMING BACK).

    Since Team Rocket got beefed up to fill her shoes for Best Wishes, then it safe to say that this award goes to the entire brigade. Besides, writers done their very best to make sure that the organization remain unharmed until the ShoPro pulls the plug on the Animation department.
  2. might

    might Banned

    Dr MECha,that is your opinions not facts at all anyways,you need to face the fact that Hunter J isn't really dead and she never went on a killing spree which is stupid non sense of your's,also Team Rocket isn't beef up to fill her role which is your stupid opinions not facts,Team Rocket is beef up because of the Best Wishes series being a brand new retool of the show,Hunter J was never consider to be the best villain of the Pokemon anime, she isn't really dead since she could still be alive and deal with it,but she won't return.
  3. Dr. MECha

    Dr. MECha Prof. of Pokeology

    Diamond and Pearl just ended in Japan, She never came back after that 2-parter Galactic Finale. Isshu is farther away from all the regions combine therefore concrete the fact that she's dead. Even if she isn't dead (which I highly doubt) we'll never see her again at this point. LETS STOP BEATING ON A DEAD HORSE AND MOVE ON.

    Besides, Plasma needed a rival, and Team Rocket seems to fit the bill (though then again they're just here to get rid of the competition).
  4. skrcha

    skrcha my rattata

    I really liked Hunter J. I wouldn't go so far as to say she was the best villain -- that honor still goes to Giovanni in my (twisted fangirl) mind. But I REALLY LIKE how she broke the monotony of harmless villains like Jessie and James. When Hunter J showed up, you know things just got real.

    I also really liked how she brought out something different in Ash. He got really violent and aggressive around her, probably because he knew his life was in danger when she was around.

    (One thing I really hate about Ash's apparent immortality is that since he's still 10, I can't ship him with Hunter J without feeling like a terrible person. DX)

    But yeah. Hunter J. Great villain. Hope she lived! 8D
  5. might

    might Banned

    Dr.MECha,once again that is your opinions and you are wrong.She isn't dead and stop saying it is a fact because it really isn't and that is your opinions,(I highly doubt it) she is really dead and there isn't anything that say she is dead and she could still have survive her ship blowing up,Hunter J not coming back after the Galactic finale does not mean that she is dead when she could in fact still be alive,also Isshu being far away from the other regions does not mean that it is a fact that she is dead which is stupid non sense of your's,she can still be alive just not seen again and this is a cartoon after all.

    Team Rocket is not here to rival the Team Plasma,they are doing there job for making a Team Rocket base in the Isshu region and they won't be leaving the show anytime soon until the writers decide if they stay are go.

    Skrcha,Ash acting violent and aggressive does not mean that he thought his life was in danger when Hunter J was around which is stupid non sense of your's,Ash never though his life was in danger when he was with Hunter J,Ash life was never in any danger when it came to dealing with Hunter J,it would not be bad fitting Ash and Hunter J together and Ash being 10 does not have anything to do with it,she brought out something in Ash like more of a love thing,that's for sure.

    Hunter J was never a great villain,but she was good that was about it.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2010
  6. Dr. MECha

    Dr. MECha Prof. of Pokeology

    Well I don't see J have any place in Best Wishes. That's now belong to the Rocket Trio, who's new mission (though it is hidden to them) is to GET RID OF PLASMA. That's pretty much their mission from now on.
  7. matt0044

    matt0044 Well-Known Member

    Speaking of J being dead, it seemed like they wanted to end her story after the Galactic arc like Charon but never got the chance due to BW's announced release.

    Sad. It would've been interesting if they continued her story after that. They could've made a Pokemon movie around her and Charon including Zoroark.

    Not to mention that there are so many things we never knew about her. How she started her organization, how she came to be evil, where her base is located. Not to mention that she never had a final battle with Ash. It would've been epic!

    That's why J's death seems like a pointless add-on to The Needs of Three episode. Seriously, it's like the writer's put it in at the last minute. It's a waste of a character (and villain) with so much potential to be the best.
  8. might

    might Banned

    Matt0044,J isn't dead and you need to stop making it a fact when she isn't seen to be dead at all,J's death is not a fact so stop making it seem like she is really dead,she could still be alive right now but she won't return anymore but it don't mean that she is dead,Hunter J was never consider to be the best villain on the show and she isn't really dead she can still be alive,as for the writers to wanted to end her story that is your opinions and not theirs,Hunter J story was open ended which means she could be dead are alive.

    The Team Galactic finale arc was crap anyways.
  9. skrcha

    skrcha my rattata

    Whether or not J is dead is a non-issue. It's pretty obvious they made J's ending ambiguous for storytelling reasons. She got an "ending", but it's written in a way so that if the writers decide they want to use her again, they can just explain it away as "She survived."

    Watch the Riolu episode again. Hunter J had no qualms about killing Ash to get her target, and he got aggressive enough to attack a Pokemon directly, which he rarely (if ever) does.
  10. might

    might Banned

    Skrcha,Your opinions isn't facts and do not make your opinions out of facts when they really isn't ,i already seen the Riolu episodes and as for her not having qualms about killing Ash to get her target,which is stupid non sense of your's that isn't true at all,also Ash getting aggressive to attack a pokemon have nothing to do with J at all,there will never be any killing in this show despite how mature Pokemon anime have become since Sinnoh begin and those are your opinions not facts.
  11. skrcha

    skrcha my rattata

    LOL this is a discussion forum. We're supposed to talk about our opinions here. XD

    And yes, J did try to kill Ash. This is fact. She threw Ash out of a plane. Had Staraptor not caught him, he would have died.
  12. poizonsting

    poizonsting Pokemon master

    You can't troll a troll. I've provided enough evidence to him that it is a fact J tried to kill Ash and that it is also a fact she's also a badass villain, if not the best. They are not a matter of opinions, just outright facts. However, how badass she is compared to other villains can be regarded as opinion. After presenting all the evidences to him, he still won't get his head out of his ***. So my suggestion to everyone, don't bother replying to might, as he will be going around the same cycle of stupidity.
  13. deoxysdude94

    deoxysdude94 I'm gonna miss my boi Deoxys...

    It's a hard decision between J and Giovanni. It's hard to decide. J was strong, but Giovanni was just plain awesome. I think I like Giovanni better.
  14. skrcha

    skrcha my rattata

    I like Giovanni better, too. They're both pretty badass, but Giovanni tops it off with being suave and not getting his hands dirty.

    That said, J was definitely a great addition to the show. Nice to see the writers shake things up a bit.
  15. might

    might Banned

    Skrcha,it is not a fact that J try to kill Ash and it is your opinions not facts,her throwing Ash out of a plane does not mean that he would have died if Staraptor have not caught him which is non sense of your's,also J was not a great addition to the show and it does not mean that the writers shake things up ether,these are a opinions not facts.

    Poizonsting,you are the troll not me,also you don't have evidence are proof that she tried to kill Ash which is not a fact at all,Hunter J is not a badass villain are never was for that matter and it is not a fact that she was a badass villain which was never true at all to start with,those are opinions not facts and it show how much stupidity you really have,you can't get it through your head that Hunter J is not are never was consider to be the best villain of the show which is a fact.

    This thread is about opinions not facts.
  16. Dr. MECha

    Dr. MECha Prof. of Pokeology

    Okay that's it. You failed to miss the point, Hunter J will KILL EVERYONE if she have to in order to get the job done. That and she don't care about anything except her job. That is what made her less of a villain than Giovanni, who's more than a James Bond type.
  17. might

    might Banned

    Dr. MECha,you the one that failed to see the point yourself,Hunter J would not kill everyone if she had to inorder to get her job done which non sense of your's and they are your opinions anyways,she don't care about anything except her job which is your opinions not facts.
  18. skrcha

    skrcha my rattata

    Let it go, man. He's not worth the effort. Just don't even respond to him, he's just gonna say the same things over and over.

    But yeah, Giovanni is definitely the James Bond kind of villain. He's better at planning ahead, while J... well, J plans, too, but she relies on more force than he does. Although you gotta admit, Giovanni has more resources at his disposal. J's got subordinates, but Giovanni has a crime syndicate XD I guess J just works with what she's got (and looks good in the process :B)
  19. might

    might Banned

    You Skrcha and Dr. MECha,are not worth my time and just let it go please.

    Giovanni is truely the best villain on the show,he always plan ahead of time,J do plan ahead as well and she do look good in doing her plans aswell,which are ok.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2010
  20. Misty Lover17

    Misty Lover17 Water Trainer

    Well, I did think for awhile that J is a really great character and maybe the best villain, mainly because of her really strong Pokemon, but Giovanni has been there through most of the regions, I wont forget that.

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