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Do you think Hunter J was the best villain in Pokemon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by matt0044, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Kustem

    Kustem Stylish knight

    j was a great villian even her final episode was awesome, i think she die, others says that she scape,, whatever happends i was very surprised so see a character like her in the series, thats why i think she was the best
  2. DL13

    DL13 The Dark Lord

    She was good, and it is just a shame that Azelf (I think it was the blighter) took her out. my only wish is that she had been in the games to.
  3. skrcha

    skrcha my rattata

    It'd be awesome if J had a game counterpart. I know Sir Aaron appeared in Movie 8, and then Riley appeared in the games, but I think it's possible that the Aaron was based on concept art/ideas of Riley.

    J was definitely one of the best villains of the series, because she was totally willing to go where the writers were afraid to before. I don't really have an opinion on the #1 the best, but she's right up there with Giovanni. She definitely deserves a game counterpart.
  4. Todoserugi

    Todoserugi Never Forget

    i personally think Iron Mask Marauder was a better vilain
  5. murkrowrob

    murkrowrob Yamask Hugger x_x

    I love J. I want her to make the best comeback ever in Isshu....
  6. skrcha

    skrcha my rattata

    You know, from a storytelling perspective, J might be a great foil for a certain character from Black & White with a similar, one-letter name. Since I don't know how much I'm allowed to discuss (spoilers and all) I won't go into detail XD;
  7. matt0044

    matt0044 Well-Known Member

    Go on. Just hide it with the spoiler tags.
  8. skrcha

    skrcha my rattata

    Ah, well then... I don't know very much about it since I've yet to play the games, but
    I think that N and J contrast each other very nicely. N is the super hippie Pokemon activist from what I understand, who wants them all free, while J is the one who cares nothing for other people's safety in her quest to capture her targets. Getting them to interact together would be a fascinating dynamic, I think!
  9. Dr. MECha

    Dr. MECha Prof. of Pokeology

    She could be N's sister, in which Giovanni might hire to stur **** up once he loses patience with the Rocket Trio.
  10. skrcha

    skrcha my rattata

    You know... that'd actually be really interesting.
    I was about to point out that J and N don't have anything in common besides their, uh, naming style, but... they both have the hair thing going on XD But at this point we're just grasping at straws, haha.
  11. might

    might Banned

    Hunter J was never consider to ever be the best villain on the show and that is a matter of opinions,we don't really know if she is dead are a live and J isn't N's sister at all,the BW series is about new characters and J isn't going to be in this series.Team Rocket Trio isn't going anywere and Giovanni will be keeping them around for a long time,until the writers decide what to do with Giovanni and the Team Rocket Trio.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2010
  12. QingLong

    QingLong Hive Trainer

    LOL dude, we all have understood, there's no need to repeat the same thing over and over. XD
  13. might

    might Banned

    I kinda forgot that i was reapting the samething over and over again.
  14. Dr. MECha

    Dr. MECha Prof. of Pokeology

    That what you were doing in the last COUPLE of posts.
  15. poizonsting

    poizonsting Pokemon master

    Only last "couple" of posts? He has been doing that from page 2 >.>

    I could just shred his posts apart that are full of inconsistencies and contradictions, but I won't even bother doing that to a troll. No matter what you say, he'll just continue with his cycle of stupidity.
  16. might

    might Banned

    Dr. MECha,I wasn't reapting the samething over and over again in other post, but only a few times i did that.

    Poizonsting,Your post is the one full of inconsistencies and not forgetting being a troll your own self,also your own post is full of contradictions all together,you will keep on with your stupidity you do have.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2010
  17. skrcha

    skrcha my rattata

    Guys. Let it go. Don't even reply to him, just shake your head and move on.

    We all agree that Hunter J is a pretty badass villain, especially since she was willing to do all the things we've been saying the Team Rocket Trio should have been doing all along. She's a great foil to them AND Ash. It's pretty awesome to see how he reacts when his life is in danger, not just his Pikachu. 8D

    And I really like the theory that
    she's N's sister. After all, Aaron was introduced 1 generation before Riley, who's to say they didn't do something similar with N and J? It's pretty unlikely, but I can still dream, haha.
  18. might

    might Banned

    Skrcha,that is your opinion,Hunter J is not a badass villain and Ash life was never in danger to start with,don't go telling other members not to reply to me are i will report you i mean it,J is not N's sister and that is your stupid opinions that isn't facts at all.

    Team Rocket trio don't need to be like Hunter J because she was never a badass villain of the show,if anybody need to shake their head and don't reply to someone is you,you are not getting anywere by doing that anyways.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2010
  19. QingLong

    QingLong Hive Trainer

    I could tell you the same thing.. that's your opinion, not a matter of facts.. Hypocritical much you are, or not?
    By the way might, stop trolling and respect other people's opinions.. You said yours, we have read and understood it; now let other people say what they think about this badass villain.
  20. might

    might Banned

    I'm not stopping people from being entitle to their own opinions and i do understand that people have a right to their own opinions.

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