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Do you think Hunter J was the best villain in Pokemon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by matt0044, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Buuz

    Buuz Smash Trainer

    Finally a villain with some b*lls. The way she treats her underlings, the way she attacks pokemon and humans and possibly the coolest thing: how she tried to kill Ash. Yes, i prefer the somewhat evil/dark characters from the show, like J and Paul.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2010
  2. might

    might Banned

    ???2,She was never a badass villian and she didn't tried to kill Ash either,those are you opinions not facts.

    Hunter J was never consider to ever be a dark character on the show to begin with, just because she attack pokemon and humans does not make her the coolest at all,Paul was never the darkest character to start with and he was a ruthless trainer that was about it.

    You are entitle to your own opinions.
  3. Dr. MECha

    Dr. MECha Prof. of Pokeology

    That is the problem that we're having with you. You seem to entitle your Opinions as facts, and vice versa with others around you. STOP THIS ******** OR GTFO!
  4. Haunter ゴースト

    Haunter ゴースト Well-Known Member

    To me she was okay but, wasnt it farfetch'd to have her ending look like she killed?
  5. might

    might Banned

    Dr. MECha,there ain't no we're to it,it is you that having a problem with me and you can go somewere else if you feel that way,because i'm not leaving this thread.

    Wether J is dead are alive,will remain unown at this point and time.
  6. Dr. MECha

    Dr. MECha Prof. of Pokeology

    Ok: Skrcha, QingLong, Poizonsting, Matt0044, and I are sick of your crap.

    Better now?
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2010
  7. matt0044

    matt0044 Well-Known Member

    SHUT UP, you damn troll!!
  8. might

    might Banned

    Dr.MECha,You are the only one that is sick of me and nobody else is but you,i reported you already and stop this crap non sense of your's i mean it.

    Matt0044,You need to Shut Up yourself,because you are a damn stupid troll yourself,i'm going to report you.

    Now we need to get back on topic.
  9. Pathfinder

    Pathfinder Well-Known Member

    Get back on topic people or I'm going to have to close this thread , and next time don't even bother to reply to any trolls. Only report them.
  10. Tyranitar Rules

    Tyranitar Rules Pokemon Fan =D

    She was probably one of the best DP characters!
  11. jakeyboy879

    jakeyboy879 New Member

    the best villian has to be the new and improved team rocket from isshu
  12. might

    might Banned

    She was ok but not one of the greatest characters of the DP series.
  13. Cataquack Warrior

    Cataquack Warrior Well-Known Member

    I think that J had the potential for a great villain. She had a dark personality that made people hate her for good reason, making her one of the truly evil people in the anime. In addition, she used very unconventional yet effective methods such as targeting trainers and using her goons as expendable resources. This made her a very challenging opponent.

    That being said, I feel that J's potential was wasted in the series. Her cold view on people and Pokemon would be an interesting contrast with the heroes, even moreso than Paul; however, the directors failed to give this enough emphasis. Also, while her end was dramatic, I felt that she should have perished fighting the twerps, whose strategies and values are a world apart from hers. I was hoping that going into the Lake Trio's void would give her some power that would allow for a final battle against the party. Sadly, the writers apparently wrote her off. It reminds me of Charon; they portray him as an imminent Starscream and let him escape capture, yet never bring him up again.
  14. might

    might Banned

    She could be dead are a live,but that is a plothole the writers dug their self in.

    She didn't have a reason to hate her and her personality was a little dark but it was bland entirely,she was a good villain but she should have been seen a lot more.
  15. TR4eva

    TR4eva A Friendly Rocket

    Ah, Hunter J... definitely the best villian in Pokemon. She was fearsome, powerful and had reasonable amounts of near succession. I hope that she didn't die, she is a worthy villian who I hope will return at some point, seeing as it is sort of a cliffhanger as whether or not she escaped.
  16. matt0044

    matt0044 Well-Known Member

    Yeah but it seems like a pretty big "if" considering how Best Wishes doesn't even seem like it wants to reference or even follow up on past events that newer viewers never seen.

    Though the way I see it, if they did reference past events, then the newer viewers would want to watch those episodes.

    Of course, they could have Hunter J reappear in Unova as a new ally to Team Rocket, seeing as she and Giovanni have similar organizations. With her, Team Rocket would definately give Ash a run for his money.

    Still, that's just me.
  17. TR4eva

    TR4eva A Friendly Rocket

    True, true...

    But you never know, she could come back unexpectedly (hopefully!) and have everyone gasping and wondering how she managed to escape.

    Hunter J and Team rocket, hm that would be different... and quite funny too! :D
  18. matt0044

    matt0044 Well-Known Member

    I could see Jessie, James and Meowth's reactions now. It'd be such a change from their current serious persona.
  19. TR4eva

    TR4eva A Friendly Rocket

    Well, if Hunter J did return then she could bring some success into Team Rocket's line of work, and maybe make Jessie, James and Meowth into actual criminals again.
  20. insanityhand

    insanityhand Well-Known Member

    To me what Hunter J was, was how I would expect a criminal in the world of pokemon to actually be. She was no nonsense and it she had no disregard for killing people. If you got in her way she would have her Drapion get to work on her. And it is because of this I don't want to see her again. Yes, she was an amazing villain but given the circumstances of the fact that it seems unlikely from the time we saw her sitting in her command chair and the ship crashing for her escape I think she (and her crew and all their pokemon) now rest at the bottom of the lake. Owing to this is the fact that we didn't see anyone escape. Like wise if anyone has ever seen Cool Hand Luke or Oh Brother, Where Art Thou you would see that her glasses mirrors both (the latter more so) so even if she was alive it seems likely that she'd be broken. I think it would be a better tribute for her to be dead then broken so I like to think that she is dead.

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