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Do you think Hunter J was the best villain in Pokemon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by matt0044, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Storm The Pikachu

    Storm The Pikachu themostevil&powerful

    I believe that hunter J was one of the more ruthless, evil, and in general, BAD*** character in the pokemon anime to date. Most other badies (in the anime) were nothing but comical, clumsy and half-assed but J is way better than all of them.
  2. Cerex

    Cerex Well-Known Member

    I really liked her as a villain, and I hope we have not seen the end of her. Unova has a lot of special Pokemon, I wouldn't be too shocked if she makes a reappearance looking for one of the legendaries again.

    She is like what I would assume Giovanni would be like if he was actually in the field, especially after what he saw him do to Mewtwo and his own Pokemon in the training. (Team Rocket gets such a bad rap because of Jessie and James, because outside of those two, plus Meowth, the organization is actually pretty evil.)

    The series could use more characters like her that show the bad side of humans.
  3. pokechamp95

    pokechamp95 kanto champion

    i think its between her ,cyrus and giovoni
  4. Xyllerion

    Xyllerion I like bacon!

    Yes she is the best villain in pokemon. Probably the most ruthless one.
    But! The worst villain or enemy of pokemon has got to be 4chan! "I liek Mudkipz!" Die 4chan DIE!!
  5. Cataquack Warrior

    Cataquack Warrior Well-Known Member

    I think that the finale of Galactic Battle seemed to be setting the stage for a pentultimate battle, as it left a lot of room for subsequent problems. Cyrus vanished into the sealed world, leaving the possibility of him returning one day. Charon evaded the police roundup, leading me to believe he would lead a Team Galactic resurgence. As for J, I took note in her final episode that the lakes were actually portals to the realm of the Lake Trio. Therefore, when J vanished into the whirpool, I considered it likely that she ended up stranded in an alternate dimension. I had assumed she would later return, having found some ancient power and secret, for a final battle, but my hopes were for naught.
  6. Marbi Z

    Marbi Z Cin-Der-Race!

    She was definatly a badass villian! But because she tried to sell that poor girls Gardevoir... I hope she died a slow watery death!
  7. TR4eva

    TR4eva A Friendly Rocket

    As much as I love Hunter J, I don't think she'll be coming back...

  8. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Ruthless,callous,dispassionate and only desiring wealth.She's awesome because she's a sharp contrast from the villains we normally see
  9. nega20

    nega20 New Member

    Yes J turns pokemon to stone
  10. ghh

    ghh Banned

    We can't make it a fact that she is dead since there is nothing saying she is dead she might still be living,but that will remain unown.

    Hunter J never try to kill people and this is opinions not facts,she is not one of the shows greatest villains but she was ok.
  11. TurtwigFan1

    TurtwigFan1 burning it down

    Definitely, she was cold, ruthless, calculating and downright evil. I do think she is dead, but you never know. I'd love to see a return.
  12. matt0044

    matt0044 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, and since Looker's coming to BW, I wouldn't be surprise if Hunter J was revealed to be alive and had joined Team Rocket.
  13. TurtwigFan1

    TurtwigFan1 burning it down

    Maybe not joining Team Rocket - but once again hunting Pokémon for her rich clients.
  14. Klutzybear

    Klutzybear Member

    I wouldn't say Hunter J was the best villain just the most serious one we've had in a long while.

    Besides Cyrus, who wanted to destroy the world to make his own.

    Hunter J was just a villain who only had one goal, and that was money. She certainly was smarter compared to other villains and the fact she tried to kill Ash twice, puts her high on my list of villains.

    Sadly, since Pokemon is aimed more to the kids who are ten and below. They couldn't keep around such a violent character around and axed her.

    I have a hunch she might make an appearence in the Isshu region, but she'll proably exist for like an episode or two, before being hauled away to jail or something kid friendly like that.
  15. Champion Jared 14

    Champion Jared 14 Well-Known Member

    I highly doubt that J is alive...she was indeed a very sinister character for pokemon...Not showing an ounce of respect or consideration for people or pokemon...when the price was right, she'd stop at nothing to get what she wanted, and wouldn't allow for anyone to get in her way...And just for that, I think it would be more appropiate for a character like herself to be terminated in death...

    Some of you people, like poizonsting, are wanting an article, or something from the writers to prove that she's dead...Well, unless you write to the creators of the show themselves, you'll only have to go with what was given to us, and that's basically what we've been doing.

    There was far too much symbolism that would represent the termination of J and her team. For one, while she was attempting to catch the lake trio, she was directly attacked with their Psychic energy...damage represented in her damaged visor. Who knows how much pain her body sustaind from that? After that, when she got back on her ship with her crew, the ship was struck with the Pixies' Future Sight attack.

    While the ship was going down into the lake's torrent whirpool thing, that would've been the perfect opportunity to call out her Salamence or one of her pokemon for an escape because the ship was going down, and the crew couldn't do anything to get it working.

    As the ship was going down in the depths of the water, J's visor was sinking down along with the ship. Now, something like that may represent that J may have had a very small chance to make an escape from the water, but smaller than her chances before. But that could also mean that as the water crashed into the ship, it could've washed away her visor as she sank to the bottom of the lake with the ship.

    And last but not least, there was the explosion. Now, this kind of explosion isn't the same as the kind of explosion that Giovanni escaped...This one is an explosion where J was closer to the source of the explosion, which would mean that her body and the rest of her crew would feel the impact of the explosion very quickly. For the explosion, the waters crashing in, and J's delayed action to make a move combined, along with all of that symbolism just makes me think that J is no longer alive. But that's just how I see it.
  16. Klutzybear

    Klutzybear Member

    I don't know. . .The whole thing sounds too logical for the writters to follow.

    Lol. Yeah. . That sentence sure made sense. >__>;;

    Look, for all we know, Hunter J could've accidentally lost her Visor when the ship crashed, while she hitched a ride on some kinda escape pod or used a teleporting Pokemon that we haven't seen her toss out yet.

    Her ship had some surprisingly convinent things on it. Like that hole she dropped Ash down with her Drapion.

    It's little things like that, that make me think, even if it's a slim chance, that Hunter J could make a come back.

    Not that I honestly want her back, because she's a meany. >:p
  17. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    They obviously did that scene to wrap up her character. Since no DP characters will play a major role in the series again, it was obviously done to end her character rather than just never seeing her again.

    The fact that people don't realize this is mind blowing.
  18. Champion Jared 14

    Champion Jared 14 Well-Known Member

    I mean, I think the writers used enough symbolic measures to allow us to make the assumption that Hunter J and her crew are gone for good. Their aircraft was struck by Future Sight for one. J was ordering her crew to get the aircraft working, but they weren't, sign two. Sign three, exactly three seconds before the ship made contact with the water, J was STILL seen on the ship, and after that three second time period passed, the ship was submerged into the water. A quick handed person would've gotten their pokemon or something out then, but she didn't. The waters crashed in, and her visor floated down. Sign four. J is finished.
  19. minumranger

    minumranger Tour Guide <3

    Easily one of the most competent villains. And one of the most dark Up to date
  20. jjl

    jjl Banned

    For once of all she never try to kill Ash which is untrue and she might still a living,her visor flooting up don't mean that she is dead either and it can mean that she gotten out of her ship off-screen before it blow up.

    Hunter J isn't really dead and she can still have survive that after all,it is a cartoon and let's not forget that,but she won't be seen again.

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