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Do you think Misty will meet Dawn and Serena?

Do you think Misty will meet Dawn and Serena?

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Life doesn’t end, …it changes.
Can U actually get away with that PFP?
I had this profile picture since I joined. Ain’t nobody that triggered to see BW Ash and Pikachu relaxing.

And I’m joking. Of course I can’t tell someone to change their own profile picture.
Can't we talk about the weird fat Hinata in their signature, though.
I am confused. (I can’t see signatures unless I turn my phone around since I’m on mobile.)

Edit: “checks” WTF?!!!
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Time to recast. They did it for Oak & Giovanni.
As far as I know, Japan is quite reluctant to change VA.
As for the characters you mentioned, they were replaced because their original VA died.
(Kaori is still alive, so I doubt there will be a recast for her.)


Definitely think yes. Seems like all the comapnions are returning so they should meet cause Og Pokegirl is here to stay. And if D&S are appearing they‘ll meet. Could be fun.

It could be fun if all the female travel companions would appear in the same episode

Off topic: I don‘t know why the writers always so reluctant to bring characters back.

Like why wouldn’t former travel companions appear. I know the writers, stupidly, seem to think when a new gen debuts previous fans stop watching and only new ones watch.


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Man, all this early MPM speculation has certainly aged like milk.
Oh how naive we were.

I will never see my 3 favourite characters on screen, but at least Brock got to meet and travel with both Dawn and Misty.

Still, Dawn showed up for Ash to watch him become Champion, she got to appear in an episode streamed in Shinjuku and got to witness the crowning moment of Ash’s 25 year journey so I’m happy with that.

Someone summed it up well the other day, to some it doesn’t seem like Dawn’s returns accomplished a lot. But she helped Darkrai/Cressilia, travelled the multi-verse, saved Heatran and save Sinnoh whilst working alongside the Lake Trio and God……and then watch her best friend become World Champion in person, not bad accomplishments


I feel real bad for the guy who was hyped for a potential Dawn and Misty meeting


I wonder if they originally was going to make her a Top Coordinator but then it was quickly shut down and all of the episodes she got in JN was compensation.
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