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Do you think Pokemon Cross overs should be ended?


Slowbro Lover
Maybe. I loved Pokemon and loved snap so maybe if they started making sequels to the good games and not three sequels to ranger and a pretty bad sequel to pokepark I would buy more of them. Come on Nintendo, Pokemon snap for Wii and 3DS. Maybe they could make a new snap for the Wii U. It could work like this. You select a location using your TV then move and turn to look around then you press a button to use the camera. your pictures could be shown on the TV screen! It would be awesome and might sell a lot. It could be called "Pokemon Snap 2: Super Snap!" You know you want to do it Nintendo!!!


Well-Known Member
I think theyre worth. Because people buy them, so they keep getting releases. Because people keep "trying" them. And its always fun to do things like "control" and "be" the pokemon in different ways. ^_^


Shiny Catcher!
Don't want to make a wall of text about how and why but...

I love the spin-offs. I really do. It's something that proves that pokemon as a concept isn't merely a recycled game formulae with subtle tweaks here and there. Mystery Dungeon proved for once that Pokemon could have a half decent adventure-styled story whilst ranger brought some pretty innovative gaming machinics into the fray. Deeming they can keep original like that, I say don't stop.

As for Conquest, which is one of the very few pokemon crossovers I've seen; to be honest my bias switch kicked in when I first saw it. I'm a big fan of Super Robot wars/Battle Moon Wars styled gameplay and this is pretty much that. I also adore strategy RPGs of any formula, so that ticks yet another box in my metaphorical list.