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Do you think the new main girl in GS will be featured in the anime?


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Do people really think an 80-or-so episode filler arc would be enough time to introduce a new character, have her catch an entire team of pokemon, develop that teams personality and possibly have a few evolutions, introduce new rivals for the new character and stir up some drama between the new coordinator and her rivals?

The most they will do with Soul(The name most of us have dubbed the HGSS girl) is have her appear as one of Dawn's rivals. Do away with Nando, just like Robert from AG, and have her, Leaf or Marina become the Solidad of DP. Even that I doubt though.

They're not going to do that much to promote the GS remakes. They didn't have May leave for Leaf back in AG. They didn't have Ash abandon Sceptile and Corphish for Bulbasaur and Squirtle like many people want him to do with Monferno and Grotle.

The most they will do is have Ash bring 1 of his starters back in exchange for Gliscor and Buizel. Totodile is the most likely. Actually, Buizel might stay and none of Ash's Johto starters will return permanently.
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Rex Kamex

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I really don't get why people are calling her "Soul." They have the right to, but I don't get it really. Same with "Leaf."

I still hope this girl doesn't replace Dawn, but meh...

I would so love it if she hanged around with Ash in the Johto region,like Dawn and May did,but she most likely will be forgotten for a long time like another remake protagonist. However,Ash didn't go to Kanto,so that makes sense.

He went during the Battle Frontier arc.


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I really don't get why people are calling her "Soul." They have the right to, but I don't get it really. Same with "Leaf."

Because in the Manga, the characters are named after the games, and theres already a Gold and a Silver she has to be classed as either Heart or Soul.


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its just too confusing then we know the boys gold so his name wouldnt be heart
as for the girl it cant be silver as silver is the name of the rival.


The new girl will be in the intro for a second of two in a battle with one of her pokémons, like brandon in advanced.


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I hope she does! Do I think she will outshine Marina? I doubt it! I want her to either be a hardcore battler or coordinator!


I can't see her making getting an episode on the show unless they get rid of Dawn but that won't happen any time soon. I would enjoy seeing her make an appearance on the show but it most likely won't happen.


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Maybe as a Johto Dawn rival


Maybe as a Johto Dawn rival

I can't see her becoming a rival Dawn. Leaf could have made her a rival to May but Soledad was created instead. I'm not saying that it couldn't happen but I'm saying that the writers tend to not include characters from remakes that often if at all.


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I really don't get why people are calling her "Soul." They have the right to, but I don't get it really. Same with "Leaf.".

I guess Leaf is actually her real name because it appears in FR/LG data. Which is what lead people to calling this girl Soul.


Dawn won't leave until the 5th gen, this is just a remake, not a new generation.

I think you said something similar when May was about to leave but she was gone and dawn replaced her. Please wait until we get full confirmation instead of making your opinion into a fact.

Buck The Bidoof Masta

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Maybe a pokemon Chronicles Episode?

sorry if mentioned


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The boy is named Gold, just as he was last time. They didn't rename Red did they? No.

If they're not renaming Gold her name can be either or. I just said the girl doesn't look like a " Soul " more then a " Heart ".