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do you think there are some unnecessary evolutions o some pokemon that should evolve

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I, for one, think that Azurill was needed for it's cuteness, but I don't think there's any unnessecary evos, mind you.


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Lickilicky is just embarrassing. I'm never letting my Lickitung evolve into that thing.
Tangrowth is pretty useless too. It's just a bigger version of Tangela. It's not that I don't like Tangela, infact, it's one of my favorite gen 1 Pokemon. I just feel that one is good enough.
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Kangaskhan has a prevolution, Missingno!

Oh my god you are so right!~

I think no evolutions are unnecessary. Everyone has their favorite pokemon, and having evos/prevos brings out other elements of the pokemon. Stand-alones, yeah, they're good as standalones.


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LICKYLICKY IS AWESOME AND FUNNY!!!! there are no useless evos
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