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Do you think they'll ever make -



a 3D pokemon game true to the original? What I mean is pokemon red and blue 'like', except in 3D. To me, that would have been the obvious thing to do after the N64 was released, but obviously not. Instead they go and make stadium which I thought was cool, but I dunno... it wasn't quite what I expected it to be.

It sorta bothers me, because I know if they where to make a game like this for the gamecube (maybe now, the nintendo revolution) it would sell very well, I'd definitely get it. I thought XD might be that game I was hoping for, but I was disappointed again (just like with stadium/coliseum). So what do you think, will they ever do the obvious and make a 3D pokemon adventure game? None of this other junk they put out there, just a 3D version of the original or something to that nature.
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