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Do you think... V2

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Or is it the bagel?
Before we begin, let me just give thanks to Shinobi_Pachirisu for creating a wonderful game. The memories had on it will never be forgotten. Now, onto the game itself.

Basically, the format of this game is pretty simple. Just ask a Y/N question starting with "Do you think..." (or DYT for short). The next poster will answer your question and then ask a question of their own. If they post another question after their first (labeled "bonus questions"), then they will also answer those questions.

Also, if you have no idea what the above poster is talking about, either lie or answer with a question mark, just to show that you don't understand what they mean.

Banned List:

If someone lands on the banned list, they can't post. If they do... report them.

To start:

DYT that V2 of this thread will be as successful as V1?


"Dark Lightning"

Do you think that any sentence, where the words "yummy" and "tummy" are in close proximity, is annoying?


Or is it the bagel?

1 x bytan: No?

DYT that, when enough of us become accustomed to this thread, we can relive the old days?

DYT I'd like reliving the old days, since I haven't felt at peace with myself since the mods erased the SGs?

DYT that TV Tropes really can ruin your life?


Do you think SN had any reason to believe the previous thread was dead?

Do you think it was nice of him to NOT mention to me that he was doing this?

hm? Whatever, it just gives me more incentive to leave here altogether.


My Little Ponyta

DYT cookies are awesome?

The Lemonkraken

The Toad Man Shuffle

DYT Strike Man would be the easiest robot master in Mega Man 10 to buster-only KO?

Wisest Celebi

Tiny Powerhouse
Don't know, don't care...

Do you think Nintendo will make another Smash Bros.?


Or is it the bagel?

1 x bytan: Hopefully. (lights Wisest Celebi on fire for not answering)

DYT that my prediction for MM10's weakness chain is in the spoiler?

Commando Man -> Chill Man -> Solar Man -> Pump Man -> Sheep Man -> Blade Man -> Strike Man -> Nitro Man
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The Lemonkraken

The Toad Man Shuffle

DYT that there should be a Mario series game where you control a Goomba and everyone good is out to kill you?


To keep away from Bowser kidnapping her again, then yes.

Do you think EVs come into full effect on IVs?
Not open for further replies.