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Do you think...

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yes, but you might've been missing the point I was making...
and yeah...Yoshimitsu is a weird guy...in alot of ways. (note: I wouldn't call myself a Tekken or Soul Calibur fan...but I still know things)

Do you think Vitamin Water has some, albeit few good flavors?

so far I only really like the citrus-related ones...which is weird, cuz'...I don't really like citrus!



Do you think Steamboat Willie is awesome?


Or is it the bagel?
In a sense. I'm sure you think that one's better than the other.

DYT it's comforting to know that LTM is no longer part of TOASTERS?

DYT that Orochimaru's alias of Steven Viper = win?

DYT that, in order of nighttime level music, Spagonia > Adabat > Empire City > Mazuri > Holoska > Shamar > Chun-Nan > Apotos > Eggmanland?

DYT there's too many spoilers in this post?
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It's mislead as Homie = Butt as told by the movie Austin Powers in Goldmember.

Do you think Navi > the Fairly Odd Parents?


Queen of Charizards!
yes she is better then the retarded fairys >.> lol

Do you think I will get more Youtube Subscribers today when i record again later?



Do you think Arceus's stats aren't good enough?
in the sense that it should be allpowerful, yeah. in a competetive sense, I think it's stats will keep people from *****ing too much.

@SN: Oke...I don't really care at all about that garbage anymore though XP

Do you think I'm suprised said garbage has kept up so long?

if you don't know what garbage...just say yes XP

*"Dark Cave/Slowpoke Well/Ice Path Theme" plays*

Do you think the remixed music in HGSS was a huge letdown?

I'll stick with the originals, sorry :p


Or is it the bagel?
Yes, but we've actually matured since then, and have removed LTM from it (he got harder to get along with as time passed; I even went on an anger-fueled negative rant about him).

DYT that, even though things are moving slow at TOASTERS V3 (soon V4), it's still a friendly, if quiet, place?

DYT I'm pleased & upset that the people on my block list don't come here?
(how bout' CHOCOLATE cheesecake?!)

derp derp...yes, I love der noodles.

Do you think stream of conscious posting(the way I tend to post) is very effective?

i.e. my last post...

and SN...oke? :\ *massive shrug*

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
I think it depends on what the post consists of, but yes.

Do you think that spirits can come back on All Hallows Eve?

Starlight Aurate

Just a fallen star
I don't know. People never talk about them.

Do you think that reading is good for your mind?

Starlight Aurate

Just a fallen star
It depends if you're talking taste-wise or health-wise.

Do you think I should bring the Standalone Pokemon Club back to life?
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