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Do you think...

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Yeah. :(

Do you think the Heavy Weapons Man is funny?

@SN: that 2012 **** is retarded. I'm actually suprised you "somewhat" believe it.

Do you think it makes sense that a primitive culture of humans that worshipped the "wrong gods"(by everyone's standards today) would know more about the fate of our existence than the current cultures of humans?

HONESTLY? Jesus Hell...


Not sure, I don't think they have the right technology to know.

Do you think Changing your opinions after hearing someone else's is bad?
(I hope you were joking...Although I think Datte was looking for that kind of answer)

Yes, totally.

Do you think the concept of universal worth is greatly flawed?

by this I mean how EVERYONE regards gold, jewels, etc. as things that are "worth something" when nothing is really innately worth anything...


<-- so adorable ^_^
i think u think about it too much.... but yes

so u think the world id unfair?
existence isn't fair or unfair...but from a human perspective it sucks quite a bit XP so yeah.

I'm a nihilist by the way. I'm supposed to think this way XP

Do you think graverobbing and other acts commited to the corpses of people and animals are victimless crimes?

Once the consciousness is gone, that person or otherwise living entity is gone. Bodies do not represent life, minds do. I'm asking because I just witnessed a huge uproar over a photograph of a stuffed fox...When I die, I'd wish my corpse to be eaten by some hungry animals or something. That's just about the best thing a body is good for. :\

(This rant brought to you by someone who thinks too much!)


<-- so adorable ^_^
i think corpses deserves (even though they are dead) to be buried in one piece......somewhereunder the ground without people digging them up...

call it stupid and everything but it is comforting to go to the grave and to your once lovedones...

and not to be eaten by animals...../:

do you think nihilism is a good or bad thing?....;)


What's nihilism?

Do you think you miss Bill Clinton?
(It's called WIKIPEDIA, hoho)

@5ilVer: I suppose you see your body as a representation of you as a person, then. I'm an artist so the idea of leaving WORKS behind seems like a better way to represent your life... :\

ANYWAYS! haha, totally. Clinton was awesome.

Do you think it's odd that people care SO MUCH about the personal and sexual affairs of people regardless of the fact that it generally holds ABSOLUTELY no bearing on their own lives?

*blatant segues ahoy*


Bearer of Peace
No, not at all.

Do you think that fashion is really important?


<-- so adorable ^_^
naaa...too complicated

do u think i would get an even egg?


If you're lucky, yes.

Do you think the guys at the You're Banned thread have no life?


Bearer of Peace
Well, 99.99% of them don't.

Do you think that I'm great?


Active Member
Nope, if it tastes good then it doesn't really matter

Do you think that it's a good thing that the 'You're Banned' Thread got closed?
No it was fun banning myself.

Do you think it's illegal to have Ikea Meatballs for breakfast?
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