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Do you train a full party for the E4 or not?

I always use 6 pokémon. In emerald I dont use my starter anymore.


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I've used four Pokemon since the GSC days.


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I used to train only my starter (in LG, I beat the league with a lvl 90 Charizard. Levelling was so slow.)

But when emerald came along, I've started raising a full team (my emerald team consisted of Blaziken, Tropius, Milotic, Gardevoir, Manectric and Aggron).


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I train a full team with my starter on the team..


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I usually carry 3 or 4 high-powered pokemon with me for as much type coverage as possible. I don't need the whole 6 party pokemon. Too much of a hassle to train.


I train a full team. I used to use just my starter back in the R/B/Y era. -_-

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I train 5 pokémon to around the same level, and then keep a spot free for training a low-level on the E4 members with Exp-share

Lots of easy experience for them, without the need to be switched-in, switched-out and lose vital HP from one of the other five...

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I train 4 pokemon all the time, and in a strange way, I use one pokemon for each member and all of them will be used against the Champion, usually depending on what EVs they need.

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i basically have a full team, or to clear a cave or sumntin i use my lv18 HmSlave bibarel. Im working on doing sumtin like giving practical hm's to each of my pkmn (eg i have elready taught gastrodon surf). But yeah, having a full party is way better.


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I always trained 6 pokémon. Sometimes even more (people get confused when they ask me about my team and I give them 7-8 poké names), I mean, you can carry only six at time, but Bill's/that chick's/Bebe's computer or even Daycare couple can always store others for you so..... yeah. And some pokémon are so irresistible I HAVE TO train them. /dork

What's funny - I rarely train starters. Usually there are bunch of weak normal-types in my team, but no starter. I like challenge.
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;359; Of course, I'd never Just have one Pokemon For the E4.
Once D/P Comes to The UK, My team is gonna be My dark gym, Houndoom, Cacturne, Crawdaunt, Sableye, Murkrow, (It'll evolve though.) And Absol.

All my friends are getting either Diamond or Pearl, I'm getting Pearl, so I Should be able to get them all, If not, I'll Just do pal park...

(And yes I'm quite aware that I have to see all The sinnoh dex pokemon And beat the E4 before Pal Park.)


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I don't usually I usually go with like 3 Pokemon normally all higher levels than theirs and own them :D


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I always make it a priority to have 6 pokémon on my team. I also make sure they're all new ones, with as many evolutions as possible.

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I always train a full team. Even if it takes longer than just training one pokemon, it's worth it since you have a better advantage with many types and not just one or two.