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Do You use HM slaves?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Typhlosionvsworld, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. Typhlosionvsworld

    Typhlosionvsworld Y u mad bro?

    i do. Remember that HM slaves are only on your team for HM use. to list all of them, this is my complete list:

    Hoot-Hoot - Noctowl: SS, HM Fly
    Wooper: SS, HM Surf and Whirlpool
    Geodude - Graveler: Pt, HM Rock Smash, Rock Climb, Strength
    Buizel - Floatzel: Pt, HM Surf, Strength, Rock Smash, Waterfall
    Bidoof: Pt, HM Cut, Rock Smash, Strength
    Shellos: Pt, HM Surf
    Geodude: Pt, Hm Rock Smash
    Poliwag - Poliwhirl - Poliwrath: SS, Hm Strength and HM Waterfall
  2. locomo

    locomo Want a hug? :)

    NOPE. I have 1 flier, and 1 surfer, only because those are not only good moves, but probally the most used HM's ill use in the game. Any other HM, then ill dig out my (Normal type rodent thing from each generation... Rattatta, Sentret, Zizagoon, Bibarel, Patrat)
  3. Typhlosionvsworld

    Typhlosionvsworld Y u mad bro?

    The only Hm slave in Pt I use is my Floatzel. Usually if something is on my team I am training it, but I used a lot of them in the past
  4. Furret

  5. Fly is not a useful move, why would it be? 90 power in two turns? Aerial Ace can do 120 power in two.


    I have my HM's on various Pokemon that I slap around, but usually just one or two at a time.
  6. xbinox

    xbinox Well-Known Member

    My hm slave is my mew, Fly, Strength, Waterfall, Cut :')
  7. Cynic

    Cynic New Member

    I do! I've always got a pidgey in my party for fly xD

    Just a lone pidgey that flies me... Everywhere... I'll go to the Elite Four and all of my pokemon but the pidgey will die and my soul will shrivel :'( She does so much for me...
  8. Canto

    Canto Well-Known Member

    I always used and HM Slave with Cut, Strength, Rock Smash, and Rock Climb (DPPt)/Whirlpool (HGSS).
  9. Wujawak

    Wujawak New Member

    I used a Rampardos in Diamond with Cut, Surf, Strength, and Rock Climb
    I just like how it can somehow use surf
  10. OMG potatoes

    OMG potatoes Pokemon Trader

    Ruby- Waillord with Strength, Waterfall, Dive, and Surf
    Firered - Lapras with Waterfall, Surf, Strength, and Rock smash
    Soulsilver - Slowbro with Waterfall, Surf, Strength, and Rock smash
  11. Mei

    Mei Well-Known Member

    Quagsire: Surf, Waterfall

    Graveler: Strength, Rock Smash, Rock Climb

    And I've always got a Staraptor in my party for Fly.
  12. Camcam

    Camcam Well-Known Member

    i usually have a marill or something for the water hms other than surf, my water pokemon always has that.
    Bibarel for Rock Smash, Cut, Strength, and Rock Climb
    and a spare starly for Defog.
  13. crystalzapdos

    crystalzapdos J.J. Swatt

    Before I go into an area, I see what HMs I need. I usually have Surf and Fly on my team, but for the rest I use:

    Rock Smash
    Rock Climb

  14. Serebii!

    Serebii! Well-Known Member

    Once I have completed the game, I usually have a water pokemon knowing Surf and a HM slave with Fly and some other moves
  15. Darkmaster Rannon

    Darkmaster Rannon Thundercats Hoo!

    A surfer and a flyer are always on my team- The flyer tends to be made into a total HM slave and is usually a legendary if I can manage to snag one off the GTS for nothing.
  16. locomo

    locomo Want a hug? :)

    This is very true. I dont like fly for this reason. Surf is good, good power, good acuracy.

    But strength is decent too, if you want a neutral 80 base power move
  17. DDD1234

    DDD1234 Shiny Collector

    My HM Slaves are:
    Noctowl (First poke caught): Fly
    Machamp: Rock Smash, Headbutt, Rock Climb, Strength
    Lapras: Rock Smash, Surf, Waterfall, Whirpool
    Raticate (Saved me in the 3rd gym!) : Cut
  18. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    I do use HM slaves for most playtroughs, but not when it comes to Fly and Surf, I like to have these moves on my team members instead. Bibarel was often used in 4th generation since it could learn many HMs, and I used to use Gyarados for Waterfall and Whirlpool.
  19. MeiChama

    MeiChama Spazztastic Fangirl~

    Yeah. I used Bibarel for pretty much surf, strength, and rock smash.
  20. cockatoo777

    cockatoo777 Pokemon Music Lover

    Thy slave

    Sandshrew rules the pile as land-use HM slave:
    some atk I can't rmbr

    Wailmer rocks too:
    some atk I can't rmbr

    Oh wait...those were my R/S/E HM slaves :p (In D/P, I only used Onix and Gyradoes)
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