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Do You use HM slaves?

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I do at the beginning of the game. Then around the third badge or so, I put it in the PC. I try to teach Pokemon on my team one HM per Pokemon.
(I try not to give any HM's to the Starter, unless it's the Water Starter)

Ditto B1tch

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I use, it is somewhat necessary. I wouldn't teach Rock Smash or Flash for one of my Pokemons that I use competitively.

The only HM's that are good to battle are Surf and Fly.


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Hm...I don't actually like using HM Slaves...but I'm strange like that =3
I do have at least 1-2 HM Slaves in my PC though, and I'll only get them out if I really need them, like using Flash, Rock Smash, Rock Climb etc.
But otherwise, I have my party with my favourite Pokemon, because for me, HM Slaves just waste my time somehow ._." In my opinion anyway...


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I only teach Surf, Waterfall, Strength and Fly to my main pokemon.

Archangel Azazel

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I use Fly and Surf on my main Pokemon team. <.> If another Hm is needed I pick a pokemon who can learn the rest. So far I don't want to add an HM to any of my team, especially since Im so close to going at the top of Mt. Silver and I pretty much need someone with Rock Climb >.> so I still need it >:c
Right now Steelix is the HM Slave <_>


Thou enraged?
Yes, I use them, but only if necessary. As much as possible I fill in the six slots of my party with the Pokemon I like. Usually I teach some HMs which would fit in one of my Pokemon's movesets, (eg. Waterfall to Gyarados, Surf to Empoleon, etc.)


Always!And the best pokemon for that is.....Bibarel!


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Pretty much have to, since I usually want to carry all the required HMs (so not necessarily stuff like Defog and Whirlpool) everywhere I go, and I rather spoil one moveset rather than six. ;) The rest of them I will teach to those Pokémon that can learn them and seem to fit best.

Red Gyarados is my HM slave in SS right now, Waterfall, Whirlpool, Rock Smash and Strength. Haven't really touched my Pearl in a while, and I have so many main party candidates, so I can't say for sure if I even have an HM slave there. :D Guess Empoleon knows Rock Climb, Surf and Waterfall at least. (Normally I like putting physical HMs with high Attacks and the other way round, but this time was an exception since for once I didn't have any other water Pokémon in my team.)
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On my first playthrough on a game (forgot what game it was sorry) I had a golduck with waterfall,dive,surf and just soak so I can mess with people Im weak too :D

SoulSilver Eric

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Nope, never use HM slaves. The way I figure, eventually, I'm going to find the move deleter and the person who makes my pokemon remember moves. No point in wasting a six slot for a pokemon I don't want to raise who only knows HM moves. Also, some HM moves aren't that bad at the start of the game.




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Only this lvl 4 female Frillish that knew Dive, Surf, and Waterfall.


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bibarel for me lul
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