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Do you use the Red Gyarados?

I like the red gyarados. never had a shiny before (must admit never went through much trouble trying to find/breed one) He's a very dependable pokemon. Ice fang, surf, fire blast and dragon pulse makes it a well rounded pokemon.


Well-Known Member
I usually use him as he's one of the best HM slaves in the game...otherwise, no I never really cared much for Gyarados.


K-9 Brigade
I always catch it, but I never use it tho.


i use him for online battling. his stats are pretty good and a good pwner in battles.


Spring is Coming!
I used to use it in-game when I played G/S, as it was the only shiny I ever got. Then in Crystal, I got another shiny, so I didn't feel obligated to use the Red Gyarados.

Now, it's just for collecting reasons. I just try to get a decent nature and some good IV's and then leave it in my box for later use (trading?) or something.


Well-Known Member
I use him in the main game just because I like him.

dragon user

Well-Known Member
I used it to beat the elite 4 but i left it after i got kingdra (10x better) now i'm trying to ev train my newly hatched shiny bagon ^.^


Well-Known Member
Only after I beat the game with my SS team did I replace my modest natures Feraligatr with my EV trained Red Gyarados.


Well-Known Member
sometimes I do, sometimes I don't


Well-Known Member
I used the Red Gyarados from time to time, switching him with a Lapras whenever I need to.


Well-Known Member
It returned after I beat the E4 so I caught it but only used it for the pokethelon since it was really fast.


I love the red Gyarados especially when it is going out with a battle with the effects of the premier ball and the shiny effects on it =w=


Wanna hug?
I used him in my first playthrough, but that was because I prefer Gyrados above Feraligatr and you don't need to train a Magikarp for it.


I use him in the Pokelathon.