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Do you use your starter?

Do You use your Starter?

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The Amazing
I always use my Starter, I pretty much figured everyone did, but then I got someones game to take to an event, they don't seem to use it o_o;
So I have to ask, Do you use your Starter?
If not, why not?

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

Well-Known Member
I always use my starter, I love my starters and they are very useful
I have all the starters in my squad on every game. I just started FR again, even though I had about 280 pokemon on it and a great squad ¬_¬ Now I've just started again and chose charmander. I kept resetting until I got one with an adamant nature :p

Trainer Ed

Not my starter actualy, my starter was bulbasaur that is now venusaur. But I got all three starters. Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard so I use my Blastoise cus I did now when I started about that Suicune Raikou Entei thing so I allways used Blastoise. And "RIVAL" has now Charizard when I got Blastoise ;)


Of course I use my starters. They're often good Pokemon to build off of.

Poke Freak

Of course I use my starter, you are getting a very good poke with little effort need to obtain it, might as well take advantage of it!


You're Illegal
hmmm... for some odd reason my chatizard always gets to lvl 100 shortly after the league i wonder y??.....maybe...because...i hade it from the begining and its my mane pokemon!


nope...i usually release them shortly after i catch some other PKMN.
It's the only thing I use when I wanna swift through the game, unless it's some crap like Venusaur or Charizard (In-game, mind you.)...

I also use Blastoise in every Team I make. So... yes. =o


Custom User Title
I usually do, but I've been using them less and less lately. I'm thinking about replacing my Lizardon with Buubaa on FR.


I used my bulba just cause it was a girl and I wanted it to be a moma :)


yeah, i always use my starter. for me, blastoise was my strongest pokemon throughout the game, so of course i kept him! i think also there is some sentimental value to your starter, you know, it was your first pokemon and all...


Johto Champion
Well, I sometimes do, sometimes don't. Like on my FireRed current game, Coral, the trainer, doesn't train a charizard like she picked. She released it at around Saffron City in favour of a flareon.

jhoto moto

I always use my starter nomatter what it may be from tota to char


The Amazing
ViiACOMP said:
nope...i usually release them shortly after i catch some other PKMN.
wow.. Why release em?
I never release anything :O

Crystal Walrein

Generally, no. Swampert on Emerald I only use at the Battle Frontier, Typhlosion on Crystal I just neglected over time, about when I got Articuno, Zapdos, and Mewtwo from Red. Sceptile on Sapphire, I evolved it after I defeated the League — it stopped at a level 25 Grovyle when I switched to Sableye as my main Pokémon.


yeah i do the only time i havent was on yellow i got my pika to lv 19 then when i coundnt beat brock i just used my butterfree and forgot all about pika
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