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do you want mystery dungeon explorers of sky?

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Sailor Saturn

Master of Silence
Got it! I did cheat the questions a little bit and said I was a boy. I didn't get Riolu, but I got...Shinx! I was happy with that, so I didn't re-start, just chose Riolu as my partner. So far have just gone through the very beginning and beat Koffing and Zubat. Hopefully more time to play today.


Evil Dark Lord
I picked up my copy yesterday! I answered all the questions honestly except for the question about whether I'm a girl or guy (lied and said I was a guy) and actually got Riolu my very first try. I picked Pikachu as my partner.

I played to the point of visiting the hot springs, long enough to unlock the Spinda Cafe, then I decided to call it a day. But I also unlocked the first Special Episode: Bidoof's Wish, so I couldn't help but play just a little of it.


Well-Known Member
Hopefully I get the game on christmas if so this is what I want to be.
Riolu and Pikachu
Piplup and BUlbasaur
Vulpiix and Treecko
Munchlax and Totodile
those are the things I want to be


Well-Known Member
Well, Munchlax is partner only this time around. Me, I seem to be the only female here that didn't lie to get a Riolu...I simply picked him as my partner. Huh. Wonder if I should feel special. *chuckles*


Do I want PMD Explorers of Sky? Lol no.

I do not want to spend $ 34.99 + tax on a game that is almost exactly like PMD Time & Darkness. This new version isn't worth it in my opinion.


cutes.u.2.death >: )
YES! i absolutely love the mystery dungeon games (go grovyle ._. just saying...)
their stories are the only ones i dont get tired of playing
back on topic...
right now im saving up 130$ so i can get a new ds...my damn touch screen is busted... (i cant play ranger : *[ )

so after that ill get it eventually XD
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