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Do you want to get married?

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Why or why not?

Personally I wouldn't want to get married. I've been in situations before where I was financially linked to someone and I didn't care for it one bit.

I like the freedom of being unmarried. If a relationship doesn't work then you can both just go your separate ways but if a marriage doesn't work you have to go through a long process of paperwork and turmoil. It's just kind of silly to stay with someone you're not happy with because you lost your virginity to them anyway. Of course you could live in a dream land and think prince/ss charming is going to come along some day and sweep you off your feet and live happily ever after.


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Well both of my parents failed at more than one marriage each, all my friends who have been in marriage/relationship have broken up, they all tell me love is no good and stay away from marriage, but my answer is yeah, I would wanna be married. Would also want a family.

If for no other reason then its so I can prove Im not like the people in my community in that sense.
Also cause I am just that kinda guy
Not really, it depends on who I'm marrying. Most girls are just a waste of my time...so I don't bother with them, but if I like someone you'll know there's something in them that I see that everyone else might not see. But I'm not afraid of living alone...so it doesn't really matter .
Well marriage is kinda wierd.

It's a really big commitment...but it "generally" is an expression of how much you love your partner, and how much they love you. But nowadays marriage really isn't a big part of relationships.

I'm sure when I meet that right person I'll want to get married, but until then I won't be thinking of marriage at all.


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As of right now, no. I don't think anyone could deal with me.


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Sure I do. Because I'm still romantic/hopeless (take which one you will) like that


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Sure I'd like to be married, but if I'm never married that's fine with me.

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i peronsally have getting married as a goal, i want to get married, have child/pups, and live on an island far away from urban places, more tropical like or live with my family as an adventurers around the world(yeah sounds too fantrasious)

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I think if you look at marriages in terms of how many people get screwed over by divorce, you're probably doomed to fail before you even leave the starting gate. If you're more concerned with your money and your personal belongings than you are your partner, you can't expect it to work. Having a cynical view of marriage is just bound to end up a self-fulfilling prophecy if you do happen to end up tying the knot.

I don't look at marriage in terms of divorce. It's not something I am even the least bit concerned about. That being said, I do want to get married. I look at marriage in terms of what it means. It's a lifelong commitment between two people who truly love each other and want to spend their lives together. Is it necessary? Maybe not, but it means a lot to me and I feel that, when it is taken seriously, it is one of the greatest expressions of love.


love at first sting
Getting married whould be cool. A long term committment is a true test of your character.

Well it can't be a one way street like that. You could be a totally committed partner while your mate cheats on you all the time. I don't think it makes you a better person to stay in a situation like that.

Pesky Persian

Caffeine Queen
Well it can't be a one way street like that. You could be a totally committed partner while your mate cheats on you all the time. I don't think it makes you a better person to stay in a situation like that.

I don't see how that statement is a one-way street. It is a test of character for both people involved. No one said it would make you a better person to stay with a cheating partner. Clearly, a cheater fails the test.
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Well I have not put much thought in this subject.
It isn't even legal for me YET.
So i dont really know


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Having no attraction to anything ever, I personally would never want to get married.
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