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Do you want to see Brock back?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by VS, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Qmaz246

    Qmaz246 Disney Trainer

    Oh definitely, in fact, the perfect episode is when Ash is going against Winnona, and Brock falls in love with her, causing Croaqunk, or other, to come out and beat him.
  2. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    No, its because back then Brock had only been around for 1 year and 80 episodes. He was at the height of his popularity at the time. Of course we wanted him back at the time, we hardly even saw him in the anime!

    By the end of DP, he had been there for 13 years and over 600 episodes. Obviously people aren't going to like him as much when he's now been around for 600 episodes doing very little in 90% of the eps he was in.

    I dunno, Brock was pretty disliked throughout most of DP. In fact I remember when the DP cast was revealed for the first time, a lot of people were actually disappointed that Brock was coming back again. At the time people thought he was going to leave when AG ended. I remember people wondering why the writers would bring him back again, since even back in AG people were starting to grow tired of him. It was only that DP kicked things up to eleven, and alienated him even more among the group.

    For me, I personally liked Brock till about the end of AG. I didn't mind Brock coming back for Hoenn because he was still a good character at the time and he worked well with the new cast. By the time we got into late AG it became obvious he was starting to get tired, and once we got into DP it literally felt like he had no purpose in the series anymore. Replace him with any other guy who explains battle strategies, like Cilan, Max or even Tracey did, and that was most of Brock's role in DP.
  3. pokemon fan 132

    pokemon fan 132 Well-Known Member

    Agreed,from what i noticed by visiting various pokemon sites,youtube,all kind of petitions etc biggest demand is for Brock and Misty return out of all replaced characters.They are probably most iconic and recognizable along with Ash due to being part of original trio which started everything during anime hey day.

    Thats rather understatement to say,because in most cases people appreciate when character stays for longer periods of time because he can be developed more,we can learn more about him and follow further continuation of someone story dealing with struggles and obstacles making step forward doing nw hings.Ask any TR or Ash fan(since they are longest in this show),and big majority probably wouldnt welcome if they left earlier in series.

    I think recent increase of demand for Brock return with many people starting to miss character wanting him back shows how fanbase feels in reality about Brock.Most people didnt wanted Brock leave,but that writers actually utilize him properly doing something with his story.

    Also some people complaining about certain character wanting him gone dont speak in name of entire fandom.There are much more fans outside of serebii and many who com in here usually never post in this kind of threads not being interested in debates.

    He got tired to some,while to some he didnt.Its in end nothing more than matter of opinion.Even if that was true,writers could revamp Brocks character to make him more interesting by revealing more of his past,starting to focus on some of his interest,introduce missing links from past and issues which werent brought up before.

    Just because he was handled poorly in DP doesnt mean how they couldnt rework his character again to keep people interested.
  4. manifesto

    manifesto HxC

    I feel like Brock took a backseat after the Johto Journeys. I remember whenver there was a crisis he would be able to send out 3-4 Pokemon to help out that were still interesting Pokemon that were good at battling such as Forretress, Crobat, Onix, Geodude, Vulpix, etc. He also took charge more often in making plans to save Pokemon and such.

    During DP he was more of a cheerleader and a way to incorporate the game rules into the show by describing Pokemon's special abilities and talking about type advantages. When did Ash ever care about type advantages? Brock didn't care nearly as much about them either during the first 2 regions. AG I really fell out of. I don't remember half of what he did because I didn't watch half the series at that point.

    The way I see it, towards the end of AG and DP images like this didn't happen nearly enough to justify Brock as a funny character:


    Overall, I miss him. But only first and second Gen him since he was a trainer/breeder too. He kinda lost that aspect in AG/DP.
  5. starshapes

    starshapes Rising Star

    What I usually find is that people who don't like AG or DP didn't watch all that much of it or are too nostalgic about the first seasons, which I absolutely love by the way . Brock had interesting development in DP, for instance, he was matched up to Uxie in the Lake Trio, which, if I'm not mistaken, was the first time he was personally matched up to a legendary Pokemon.

    He also was a lot more brazen in approaching girls than in the past. For instance, in Tanks for the Memories (528) and Ya We Want to see an Evolution (487) he was hilarious. My point is that there were times that he was humorous during DP and AG for that matter. It's not like, oh, this guy stopped being humorous the day after AG started. His personality remained relatively unchanged in the transition from Master Quest to AG, although while he treated Misty as an equal, May was more of a younger sister.

    And as for Brock describing type advantages and abilities, well, someone needs to do the job. At the end of the day, the Anime is also a vehicle to spark interest in the games (and merchandise) so it needs to accessible to beginners as well as long-time fans.
  6. Hawkes70

    Hawkes70 Well-Known Member

    Brook adds a much funnier tone to the series, where as im not saying i dont like Cilan, but he isnt as funny.

    I think the series with Ash, Brook and Misty in where the best, as these three gave the series its best jokes and gags. Like Mistys bike for example
  7. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    The original trio was stale in Johto which is why the writers never went back to it in any of the following arcs.
  8. starshapes

    starshapes Rising Star

    I think Cilan and Iris have good chemistry, with fervent debates about science vs legends. The thing that was good about the original show was that there was a fair share of romantic tension. Misty liked Ash, that much was obvious. However, she was also dragging Brock away from girls. I'm not saying she liked Brock but there was more romantic undertones going on in general.

    Iris and Cilan are less romantically inclined than the originals. Yeah there was the "Cottonee in Love (686)" episode, which I liked because there was the running gag about Iris talking about love with her mouth full, but romantic issues don't come up enough with the new trio in the new series.

    Now I mean this in regards to the main trio. Emolga is always good for a few laughs when she uses attract.
  9. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    You hardly ever saw Brock use any of his pokemon besides Onix anyway.

    Crobat was such a waste of a good pokemon. In all 3 forms it literally did nothing and barely appeared. Vulpix is only used a few times before its given away. Foretress was on Brock's roster throughout the entire span of AG and did next to nothing.

    I'd wager to say only Onix, Croagunk and maybe Geodude got good screentime. Sudowoodo/Happiny maybe a bit too.
  10. Banana Knight Arthur

    Banana Knight Arthur NEGATIVE MINUS

    In all fairness, most of Brock/Takeshi's pokemon were rarely/poorly/underused.

    Vulpix was not "given away", it was returned to it's original and rightful owner.
  11. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    I forgot to mention Mudkip, which really shows how it was the worst treated starter in the entire anime, even worse than Totodile.

    Lotad was treated alright but Ludicolo was only around for a short time after it reached its final form.
  12. pokemon fan 132

    pokemon fan 132 Well-Known Member

    Speak for yourself..
    Ash,Misty and Brock in Johto still actually felt like genuine group of friends having good chemistry and several memorable moments.They felt like group which knew themselves having their principles,certain spark and great dynamic with their personalities mixing very well.Many people thought dynamic between them was one of best both in Kanto and Johto.

    What this group needed in Johto was more screen time which hampered chance to see them shine and interact more,but they still had chemistry which can be noticed in several episodes.

    Also reason why original trio was never reunited alone in future is for same reason why AG group never saw light of day again.It was confirmed in interview with mr.Hidaka how writers rather want to use new characters focusing on them to try out new designs and provide new fanservice.Ash,Misty and Brock not being reunited again has nothing to do "with writers trying to avoid them on purpose".

    Its simply how formula of anime works,there are no conspiracy theories in here.If first group was unpopular as you tend to imply,than please explain why out of all replaced groups biggest demand is for their reunion?
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2011
  13. CupidKirby

    CupidKirby Well-Known Member

    I love it when people don't understand method of substitution.

    I see no problem with Cilan talking about food. Yet so many list it as the sole reason to hate him anyway.

    You have to admit though that no matter how much Brock did in DP, he was still a stick in comparison to Dawn. The DP trio has always been imbalanced and that's what annoyed me the most about Brock's continued presence on the show.
  14. starshapes

    starshapes Rising Star

    Well then every trio has been "unbalanced". May and Dawn were Ash's co-stars and Misty and Iris happen to be supporting cast members. That is because the show wanted to broaden its appeal so it made the contest girls co-stars. If I'm not mistaken, the term is right from the Pokemon website.
  15. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    She means the DP trio was imbalanced because Ash/Dawn got too much screentime while Brock felt left out.

    The AG group was far more balanced because you had Max there, and May didn't get *as much* screentime as Dawn did, so it never felt like anyone was truly left out. They also used to split the group into pairs of two in many episodes.

    I think the reason I still liked Brock in AG is he still felt like the same character and still served a purpose on the main cast.
  16. barak446

    barak446 Well-Known Member

    Of curse...!! Brock is the best
  17. Koli

    Koli New Member

    I've only gotten through the first three seasons so far but I'm already dreading the day that Brock leaves. :(
  18. Arcanine724

    Arcanine724 I am the Batman

    I don't think Cilan fits into the BW trio, Brock is definately needed. Although I don't know what Pokemon will punch him with poison when he falls in love, cause I don't reckon he'll use his Croagunk. BW needs Brock !!!! :(
  19. the ash man83

    the ash man83 Avid TCG Fan

    i think it would be pretty humerous to see Brock get dragged away by a Garbodor..or maybe even a Mienshao....maybe a Sawk/Throh?
  20. JennaJayfeather

    JennaJayfeather jflkdjkfgjafgaf

    I think Dento fits perfectly :p he is opposites with Iris while Ash sort of evens out the two polar opposites. Almost like Dia, Pearl and Platinum. One being really relaxed and the other being hyper and short tempered where as Platinum stood as a middle ground. (You could say the same for Dento and his brothers. Pod and Corn- fire and water, and Dento "grass" being in the middle.) So these groups all have a good balance of power. When the power is tampered with (like Dawn/Ash getting more spotlight on their companionship or whatnot) it leaves the balance thrown off and something seems wrong. However with OS, they didn't go by the pattern of "two opposites" or whatnot but they all had a mutual friendship (or we just didn't have anything to compare it with and all characters were new, fresh and most importantly (for most of us) were little kids and were all like "POKEMON 8D"). With the AG Quad, it was much easier with little Max there to help balance things between Ash/May/Brock.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2011

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